Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fire Day Number 4

4,500 acres burned
600 personnel working on the fire
0 structures destroyed
0 lives lost
0 injuries to firefighting personnel
5% contained
4,825 people evacuated
2,599 homes evacuated
estimated containment date:  7/16
Type I team says this the "most number of aircraft" working a single fire that is available.

Really?  Can you publish an estimated containment date?  That seems so not safe to me.  Maybe I just live on the 'no expectations no disappoinment' theory.

Also, on aircraft.  It is really cool to see those C130's fly over.  And the helicopter sucker-uppers are super cool.

On a side note, we have ANOTHER wildfire burning only 37 miles from my house.  In perspective, the Waldo Canyon fire is about . . . um, 10 miles as the crow flies OR 15 road miles from my front door.  That's all happening to the west of me.  Then, the OTHER fire is currently 600 acres and 37 miles from me to the east.  There is a 83,000 acre fire burning north of here and two smaller fires burning south of here.   No matter which direction the wind shifts or what I do, there is smoke in the air and it smells like burnt chicken.

Ba.  Boo.

Prayers for firefighters, please.  Prayers, prayers, prayers.

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