Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Disney Vacation Report: Day Two

Monday, June 11th

We got up at the butt-crack of dawn to catch the shuttle to the airport.  Check-in, security, boarding & the whole getting-there-scene was flawless.  The kids packed smart.  I had great carry-on activities and Big remembered the PSI bands (bless her heart!) since Mimi had a short lived case of the "mommy, my tummy hurts."  All the kids did GREAT on the plane . . . piece of cake.  Big listened to her iPod and took a nap, Middle did a puzzle book for a while, then curled up and looked out the window.  She may have dozed off for a short bit.  Mimi colored with me.  Side-note:  I love coloring.  Air travel gives me the perfect opportunity to practice coloring left-handed and to give Mimi uninterrupted mommy-time.  Mimi also took a nice siesta and woke just in time for landing.  She didn't make a peep most of the journey.  Little played on the iPad and worked in a sticker book.  He was quiet the whole trip.

Upon arrival, our luggage wasn't lost or damaged, everyone was a wee-bit more rested and, heck, it was only 10:30 local time.  Bonus.

Rental car pick up was buttery smooth.  The kids loved having a mini-van.  I didn't.  MOTH didn't, but it was easier to park, I will admit.

The weather was (insert expletive) HOT!!!  And humid.  I was expecting that.  The kids were not expecting humid.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure any of them have ever really experienced humidity, so we wilted.  All of us.  We all slumped sideways in an I'm-too-hot-to-move-stupor.  That was quickly compounded by a secondary stupor fueled by I'm-so-hungry-I-can't-think-straight.  That was further complicated for all of us by it's-too-friggin'-hot-to-eat!  Who can eat soup or french fries in that heat?  Holy crap.  Just bring me a head of lettuce and let me eat it like an apple.  Thank you very much.

We checked in at the resort/hotel . . which was FABULOUS.  I highly recommend Marriott.  I love camping at Marriott.  We stayed at Harbour Lake.  The room was great, the amenities are great, the pools were great.  It was all above expectation.   We ate on site, slipped on suits and hit the pool and were much relieved to finally experience some coolness.  After swimming, we piddled around exploring the hotel and getting our bearings and I braved the grocery store for a week's worth of fresh veggies, breakfast food, one dinner, two lunches & snack stuff.

Overall impression and the kids' report:

The weather was awesome in Colorado and hot and humid in Florida.
The best thing(s) about today were the airplane and the pool.
The worst thing(s) about today were waiting, getting up in the  middle of the night, feeling tired & having to go to the grocery store.
The funniest thing(s) today were the lizards at the hotel and the black snake.  (Side-note: Didn't I post something about how  my kids would find a snail under a bush and find that to be so fascinating?  See, one day one in sunny Florida, they discovered these adorable little lizards darting about in the bushes.  In the evening and throughout the week, we spent lots of hotel time on bonafide lizard hunts.)
Today, we tried to . . . unplug.  No phones.  The result was . . . we are addicts.

Total cost today:  lunch @ the hotel + much-needed smoothies + a week of groceries.  I'm super proud of myself for packing security-friendly breakfast & snacks so we didn't have that cost.

I should have:  gone with a better grocery list.  I got distracted and was hit with low blood sugar in the grocery store.  That's a recipe for disaster even if you are in your home-market.  In a strange place where you spend 2/3 of your time backtracking because you don't know where anything is . . . that's a death-set-up.  I also should have encouraged of forced stronger snacking on the plane where it was cooler and before the landing, exit, car pickup stuff happened.

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