Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Disney Vacation Report; Day One

I was posting from afar and keeping on top of everything . . . so imagine my surprise when I got home and there were no new entries!  Ee-gads.

Yeah, I will need this information for future vacations, so just bear with me.  Plus, I'll just convince myself that somewhere out there is a mom planning a Disney Vacation with her munckins and will really drink in the play-by-play nature of my daily vacation report.

Officially, day one for us was Sunday, June 10th.   We drove to Denver and spent the night at a hotel really close to the airport.  Yes, it's only a 90 minute drive from us.  But our flight left at 6:39 am.  That looks really good on paper and you think only of "oh, we will get there in time to check out the hotel and take a dip in the pool on our first day!  We won't lose a WHOLE day to travel."  Until you start making that really work.  With your family.  And the dogs.  And the bird.  So, I took care of the furry creatures on Saturday, left the bulk of departure cleaning for Sunday, didn't bitch when MOTH was on call of Sunday, finished packing & we hauled off in late afternoon.  Bonus:  The hotel offers one week of complimentary on-site parking AND a free shuttle to and from the airport.  The dollars-and-sense side of me was all over that, given the cost of parking and the emotional cost of staring a week-long vacation with a smiley-happy no-really-it-will-be-fun-to-get-up-at-two-in-the-morning-attitude.   Yeah, NOT!!  Staying overnight in Denver meant we could get up at four am.  Am I already psycho since that actually sounds GOOD?!?!

There was a light and airy sense of relief when we finally shoved off.  The kids were happy, singing in the car.  I made  a new playlist and synced everyone's iPod before we left, so they were busy blaring Hakuna Matata most of the way there.  It was wonderful to hear their tiny, carefree voices.  We stopped for dinner.  Insert first cha-ching here.  $75 to feed our family.  

We proceeded to the hotel, checked in, donned swimsuits and paddled about until it was officially past bedtime.  It IS vacation, right!

Overall impression:

The weather was Colorado perfect.
The best thing(s) about today were finally getting going & the kids singing in the car.
The worst thing(s) about today were packing & waiting to leave.
The funniest thing said/done today was . . . . Little belting Hakuna Matata in Alvin the Chipmunk voice from the backseat while the girls sang in rounds and played backup chipette.   We also laughed and laughed when I told the story of Disney Vacation guides saying, "Have a magical day!"  It's like "my pleasure" at chick-fil-a.  We also laughed at Middle singing, "This is a nice hotel!"

Total cost today:  Dinner plus hotel

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