Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Daily Fire Report

18,500 acres
1,200 firefighters on scene
"hundreds" of homes lost
"hundreds more damaged"
0 injuries
0 fatalities
5% contained

The area damaged map:

And an aerial photo . . .

The smoke has begun to clear at my house, just a tad.  Today, there is not a red flag warning in effect, so hopefully, cooler temperatures will make a recipe for a better fire-fighting day.  Hundreds of families are donating and shelters are open everywhere.  It is very awesome to see a community pull together to help those in need.  There are several organizations that are helping families not effected be matched with other families who might need a place to hang their hat . . . .

Side note:  There are a few speakers that address the viewing audience daily at 8 am and 4 pm.  The Major of the city, the IC for the Fire, the guy in charge of evacuations for the city.  Overall, it seems to be a really well put group of folks that are working well with each other (or putting up one heck of a front).  I'm amused by the idiotic questions that the press asks.  For example, they hold a news conference, and a limited number of questions are allowed afterwards.  You would assume that they would be questions with global intent that are aimed at helping the greater good.  But there's always one person who says, "Are you concerned that the fire is going to spread?"  Uh, "yeah, dummie, we are."  And right after the IC tells the public how many acres are involved and what percent containment, there's always one reporter that says, "do you have acreage for today?"  

All in all, it seems like things are settling down just a bit in this neck of the woods.  The fire is spreading and is only 5% contained, so there is still a ton of work to do.  The winds and weather are totally unpredictable, so it's not over, by any stretch.  Today, the city is supposedly contacting those people who have lost their homes  . . . . . Can you imagine getting that phone call?  Or watching continuing coverage and watching your home go up on live television?  There are spot fires cropping up everywhere . . . . on Air Force grounds today and one that jumped a reservoir up in the mountains.  That's just plain scary, so like I said, it ain't over . . . . but it does seem a little better today.  Better today, thank God.

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