Monday, June 25, 2012

Broken Bones . . .

Any there any other parents out there that have this thought running around in your head, "hmm, I wonder if this will be the summer of the broken bone?"

Knock on wood, I know . . .

At this point, our children have had minimal injuries.  In twelve years, we've had:

Big:  hospitalized as a baby for RSV
Middle:  hospitalized as a baby for RSV
Little:  ER trip to glue his head back together when he tripped on thin air and crashed his melon into the dog bowl
Middle:  ER trip to stitch her chin back together after she fell in the back yard

So, considering 19 hours of gymnastics (yea, I think that's a high-risk sport) per week and 10 hours of volleyball per week, plus tae kwon do and various activities that include ziplines, trampolines & tree climbing, we have a pretty stellar record for safety.  Given all of that,  I think our (a) first REAL gymnastics injury and (b) first family broken bone are post-able.

Brace yourself:

Middle broke her baby toe.  Almost laughable, isn't it?

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