Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day . . .

I love Mother's Day.  I love Mother's Day.  I love Mother's Day.

I slept in this year.  Well, until 6:50.  That's a pretty good sleep-in for this old gal.  I awoke to the ornery grin and tousled blonde hair of Little.  He hardly could contain his excitement . . . hardly would wait for me to pee before he drug me downstairs to present his homemade Mother's Day breakfast to me.  It was divine.  As far as soggy waffles and boiling syrup goes, it was, without a doubt THE best breakfast in town.  Little also presented me with the most dazzling home-made book, (complete with comb binding) on hand drawn weapons.  He is something of an expert on weapons and thinking of him making this fine compilation of reference information does make me feel warm inside.  

Middle made me coffee:  Perfect Mixture of Creamer.

Big made me a hair tie.  Incidentally, we call these "doggers".  Always have, always will.  I don't know who the heck came up with "scrunchie", but I'm taking a stand.  This is a dogger.

Big also made THE most beautiful card with lots of drawn pictures of super-mommies wearing colorful capes, flying across buildings and through city skyscapes, rescuing babies and stamping out all of the horrors of pre-teen years.  It came with a set of coupons that I will definitely cash in on.  Free babysitting?  Uh, HELL Yea!!

Middle made a slew of presents.  She's a crafty one.  Clay, beads, adhesives.  She's pathologically addicted to glitter glue.  Has anyone out there seen the latest Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked?  There is this ADORABLE line in that movie where Theodore makes Dave this gawdy necklace that Dave wears to a formal dinner.  Theodore bats his little chippy eyes and says in his squeaky chipmunk voice, "it's soft so you can sleep in it and it's every color . . . so it matches everything" (or something to that effect.)  THAT'S my Middle.  I can count on some home-made goodness with a huge helping of thoughtful behind everything she gives me.  There's a reason for the color, the tilt, the light, the depth of whatever she has scratched into the surface with bent paperclips.  And she loves, loves, loves to give a gift.

This year, I towed a ton of loot home from Little Ms. Thoughtful . . . an "every-color-so-it-matches-everthing-necklace", a braided thingy and a couple of clay gizmos.  I love them all.  She carved daisies into the clay.  If that doesn't say "me", I don't know what could.

She put a little apron on Mimi and they baked.  And decorated. Delish.

MOTH made dinner and cleaned it all up.  The children were fabulous.  The house got picked up.  And I scored a brand new Kindle Fire.  Go me.

I love Mother's Day.
I love Mother's Day.
I love Mother's Day!

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