Monday, May 07, 2012

Monday, May 7th in PICTURES . . .

Mimi is the bravest four-year old I know.  Sure, it's just a happy visit, but she had a full clean and was a champion patient.

Have I blogged about how much I love this horse?
Yes, she dresses herself.
I quite enjoy her Bohemian Sheik Style.

I magnet painted the back of the front door.  Seen this?  You paint several thin layers of magnetic primer on any surface & add your own color topcoat.  Voila .  . . a magnetic surface.  This is my Christmas card "board" and the place where I leave love letters for everyone.  It worked.  Kind-of.  I need some stronger magnets.  Now the door is hooker red. Well, maybe more like high-end call girl red. 

I blew my bathroom remodeling budget on these ceiling tiles.  But, dang . . .  I love them.
Love, love, love them.  And a $5 can of oops paint.  

He's single! He's single! 

More bathroom . . . I really loved doing the texture . . . and I like the exposed brick portions, too.
Overall, the wall color is a bit darker than I wanted, but I like the overall effect.  

The fun-o-meter.  I can tell how much fun we've had at the playground by how many
 woodchips come through the washer.  

I just love this tree. 

She just loves this "egg chair".  Priceless. 

Yea, I spent $6.44 on simple cork tiles at Wally World so I could put them in the inside of this cabinet.
I'm thinking it's genius. 

Mmmm   . . .  I love the FIRST scoop of peanut butter . .  

I've been searching long and hard for the perfect lantern.  Can't find it, but I created
this close second.  I like it.  I like it a lot. 

Thank GOD this project is done . . . . 

An owie.  Embellished with a little too much ketchup, of course.  It was a great photo op.

And our girls are District Champions after a hard-fought game on Saturday.
They are rock stars & worked so hard for this one . . . I'm so proud of these Lady Jags!! 

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Winter said...

Love mimi's style :) the cork IS brilliant and so is the magnetic door thing. It wouldn't work here...for various (cough...cough...Moose) reasons, but it's a brilliant idea. What's the lantern for? is it indoor or outdoor? I'm looking at making something for the front porch that can hang from our awning...Congrats to the fabulous Lady Jags! Hard work pays off :)