Sunday, May 06, 2012

May 5, 2012, The Pallet Garden, Pinterest Experiment Number 700-G

The Pallet Garden.

Yes, I found this on Pinterest, too.  AKA: The Great Time Sucker of the West.  Still, I do love it and have gotten some great ideas.

Middle has been bugging me to do a veggie garden in our yard for, er, um . . . years.  MOTH puts her off year after year explaining that there is no space.  I help her plant things in places where there is space or where things can climb and take over, like cukes and pumpkins & peas.

But, this year, the Pinterest idea was too good and too cheap to let slip by.  I'll be honest, there was a heated debate with The Father Figure.  He's concerned about the grass dying underneath it.  (Newsflash:  it's already partly dead because of the dog pee.)  Anyway, after long debate, I won.  Go  me.

Original reference . . . .

My version.   I picked up pallets for free at the local garden shop.  Not in the best condition and they definitely needed some repair work before we could plant in them.  One roll of landscape fabric ($9.99), seeds (total $10), and three bags of dirt ($15.00) . . . . and, drumroll, please . . . a veggie garden.


Winter said...

I was looking at that idea to...very cool! Now I'm thinking I need to find some pallets :-)

Homestead said...

I have pallets. I have LOTS of pallets.