Wednesday, May 02, 2012

May 2, 2012

I said I've been disjointed.    Off.  Not normal.  I've been doing anything and everything to avoid working on putting together my dad's memorial.  Seriously.  Anything.  And. Everything.  

For example, I had new carpet installed.  And that meant I had to clean out and rearrange and put back everything on the upper level of our house.  That took a while.  And while I was at it, I did the closets.  I blogged about The Great Closet Turn Around.  Well, I did that in ALL the closets.  I stowed the ski stuff and sorted the hats, gloves, scarves & mittens.  I cleaned out our closet and rearranged it.  And put contact paper in the drawers.  And I put cork in the kitchen cabinets.  And I magnet painted the front door.  And then I removed monkey art from Mimi's room.  She has officially entered the princess phase.  And I completely re-did the bathroom.  The powder room.  And that was after the tile project in the master bath where I went crazy with stripping and re-caulking and resealing all the grout.  See, anything and everything to avoid scanning pictures and working on a memorial.  

Poor MOTH.  When some women are upset, they shop until their credit card bleeds.  Some women eat their body weight in bon-bons.  Me?  I hang out at Lowe's or Home Depot waiting for Yard Crashers to come find me.  And I do home improvement projects.  I paint.  I caulk.  I mud things.  I love to work with cement.  I fiddle with plumbing and change all the batteries in the smoke detectors.  I switch out the furnace filters.  I replace washers in the hoses and I piddle around with spray paint.  Oh, golly, I just love spray paint.  The must think I'm huffing at Home Depot.  I've purchased five or six cans in the last month.  Here's the point we are at now:

** Ring. Ring.  **
Me:  "Hello?  Oh, hi husband . . . . oh, nothing . . . I'm at Home Depot."

He says, "Oh, crap . . what did I do?"

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