Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 Un-bummer summer list . . .

Here it is, in final version.  Yesterday, we rolled out several feet of paper and used half-a-drawer full of markers to complete this summer's official . . .

Mighty-mighty, H's, fantastic, super-duper, exciting, awesome, radical, incredible, adventurous, un-bummer summer list:

Big's Picks
- see Aunt K
- Chick-fil-A
- Fargo's
- pool
- Orlando
- Garden
- Watch The Sound of Music
- Have nachos with Julia

Middle's Picks
- Aunt K
- Florida
- Breck
- have a birthday party
- water park
- Rockies
- Sky Sox
- water war in the backyard
- mini golf
- see Brookie
- explore Cottonwood Trail

Little's Picks
- swim
- bike
- hike
- go to the park
- get a Hawkeye bow & arrow
- go to the Lego store
- play in the creek
- birthday party

Mimi's Picks 
- see Grandma Donna
- Breck
- Florida
- feed the ducks
- ride the lightrail
- play kickball
- pool

Daddy Picks
- Breck
- Rockies
- Orlando
- fishing
- Star Wars Sky Sox game

Mommy picks 
- Aunt K
- fire pit
- play hide the monkey
- zoo
- Rockies & Sky Sox
- Sand Dunes
- hike
- flea market
- farmer's market
- grill
- finish the lanterns
- run a 5K
- sleep in the tent
- see Belle
- flashlight tour
- summer dates
- make the table
- Aunt K
- bowling
- fireworks

The elementary kids have two days of school left.  Middle school girl has five.  Pre-school girl has three.  Summer, in our house, officially begins on Tuesday the 29th.  Is that too much to cram in?  I don't think so!  We'll cross things off each of their lists . . maybe a couple at a time.  I'm amazed at how simple their requests are.  A water war in the back yard?  Really?  If today were next Tuesday, I'd give them the hose and say, "have at it."  

It's been a tradition in our house to make the un-bummer summer list and post it for several years now.  I also get a blank calendar or a poster board & let the kids figure out the calendar.  That's today's task.  Scheduling sports, sports camps and true OFF time . . they get a taste of coordinating a calendar.  I think I'm still missing MOTH's call schedule . . . . crud.  Must get that.

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Winter said...

Very cool. We do something like that too. We all sit down the weekend before school ends and make a posterboard list of all the things we'd like to do this summer. We haven't done the calandar thing, but it's a good idea. Esp if you fill in the things crossed off the lists on the calandar as they are done. That way when you look back you actually SEE what you did all summer :) Can't wait to read all the blogs and see all the pics from your un-bummer summer!!!