Thursday, April 05, 2012


Yes, I've become a Pinterest fan.

At first, I was a bit leary . . . . I thought it was a huge time-sucker, but even a skeptic has to admit when they've been wrong.

Pinterest is jammed with great ideas for everything from summer fun to zebra printed fingernails.  I've been pulling things and adapting, and am documenting successes here . . . Lucky you!

Thus, a new category, "Pinterest Experiments" has been created . . .

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Winter said...

I have been thinking about it too...especially since so many of my friends post pinterest projects and recipes they like...but the time thing is a killer for me. i don't have much as it is (I missed Hump day!) so I'm worried I will get lost..sort of like etsy...oh how I love But I'm a window-shop-a-holic. I RARELY buy. I am not big on consumerism...just coveteousness. :P Anyway...loved the bread recipe. Look forward to your experiments!