Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pinterest . . . Want, Want, Want

If you don't know me, this summarizes it all.

Succulents, densely planted in a classic wooden frame.  I love it.  I think this picture is originally from BHG, but it came down a long line of Pinterest pinners.  I love, love, love it.  I won't have, have, have it, though.  It's cost prohibitive.  But I'm thinking of starting something similar with hen & chicks this summer.  I have about, uh, seven million in the yard.  I just need a good location.

I've always had a succulent obsession.  I have several, for the record.  They're just little darling things that I like.  I like them all.  Not to be confused with cacti, which I don't love.

Please enjoy a visual tour of some of my favorites:

Your basic hen & chick.  Sempervivium Tectorum.  Yes, I like the scientific names for things.
Emporer Sedum in full bloom.  Bee magnet, but worth it.  And predictable.  I love it.   I also love this in the purple variety.

This is super popular . . your basic all green stone crop, Johnny Creech.    
I also love the red variety of this and the tri-color. 

Angelicum.  I love it.  It's soft. 

Hispanicum.  I love it. 
Golden creeping. 

Dragon's Blood. 

Red hen & chicks.  Really striking.

Oh, land, I could look at sedum pictures all day.  I also love "Old Man's Bones" .  . it's so fragile.  And Burro Tail.

I realize I'm hopelessly offtrack, so back to the point.  Where can I start a fabulous all sedum garden?  Am I close anywhere in my existing yard?   Hmm.  I need to have a think.

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Homestead said...

I also adore sedum.

And last season I saw a flat of various sedum and it wasn't pricey... maybe $11. I remember thinking it was cute but I didn't have a spot for it. Where did I see it? Lowe's I think. I will watch this year and let you know.