Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter . . .

I left Homestead a message that went like this last week, "Hey, it's me.  I'm leaving Target.  How do you DO Easter. Call me."

Which left me pondering.  How do you DO Easter?  Is it like a mini-Christmas?  Is it something you budget for months in advance?  Is there a theme?  Do you hunt eggs, boil eggs, dye eggs, eat eggs for the next nauseating week?  Do you give gifts?  Receive gifts?  Gorge yourself on candy?  Eat your body weight in jelly beans?  What's your Easter tradition?

I'm not one to ask without sharing, so here's ours:

Yes.  We DO Easter.

Yes, there is a theme.  It's Jesus and eggs.

Yes, we hunt eggs.  Yes, we hard boil them.  Yes, we eat them forever.  Thank the Gods we all like hard boiled eggs.

On eggs & baskets:  We hunt eggs.  We hunt plastic eggs.  Our tradition is similar to the stocking idea.  To eliminate the cost of a basket every year, each kid has a basket that they reuse from year-to-year.  They set it out the night before with "their" color of plastic eggs.  The week before, one kid (this year it was Mimi) digs in the egg bin and finds an equal number of each color.   She also gets to be the egg-boss and assign colors.  This year, Big was purple, Middle was pink, Little was green and Mimi took blue.   Yep, there is one black egg in each basket.  It gets my favorite gift - - cash.

One Easter eve, the bunny visits.  She wears ears and a tail.  She fills and hides all of the eggs, fills the baskets and hides the baskets.   Filling . . . . can be labor intensive and time consuming.  This year . . . . fighter pods, squinkies, hair doggers, cash in the black egg & a few with candy.

Little's basket was in the shoe bin this year.  He actually looked right over it and had to go back for it twice.  Heavy sigh.  Boys.  Mimi's was tucked in a corner.  Middle's was in the office chair.  Big's was on top of the washer.  The oven has been overused by our Easter bunny.  It's the first place they always look.

Egg hunting is super fun with the color-for-each-kid-thing.  I like it a lot.  Easter bunny can really hide things for kids who can handle the frustration of not finding things right off the bat.  And, she can put things up super high for the tall kids, or down low and tucked between things for the wee-ones. 

Easter bunny also hides one of these guys for each kid.  Yes, we like to find things.  They are tucked in between books, peeking out of coffee pots, hiding in plain sight.  It's kind-of like the Elf on a Shelf at Christmas, with time condensed to just one morning. 

Speaking of which . . . do yo love this?  It's why we eat their heads first . . . so they can't feel you eating their butt.  

On coloring eggs:   I did a Pinterest experiment this year on eggs and tried to bake them instead of hard-boiling.  It worked.  Experiment later.  Suffice it to say, we color eggs.  A lot of them.   A dozen per kid. Or so.  It can take hours and we like it that way.  We have great conversations during egg dying.  It's my favorite part.  I think.  MOTH and I give awards for colored eggs.  We give an annual "ugly egg" award.  This year, we gave a "best set", "best color" and "most creative."  

We generally spend our day at home.  We hide and re-hide eggs during the afternoon, outside if we can,  taking turns being the hiders and finders.  Sometimes, we divide into teams.  Sometimes, we have timed egg-finding races.  Sometimes we play the hot/cold game to find ones that are super-well-hidden.   We usually have a family game of kick-ball.  That's one of our favorite outside games.  Yesterday, we didn't do kick-ball but we did get all the bikes down and took our first ride of the year.  The weather was gorgeous and it was really fun.  We did just under five miles . . . which is HUGE for the first ride of the season.  We take up a lot of space . . . . we should probably have a parade permit.  We eat a family meal together.  Yesterday, it was ham & scalloped potatoes with homemade bread.    I thought it was gross, but the kids all ate and MOTH seemed to enjoy it.   Well, except the bread.  I like to make bread.

Then . . . much like Christmas, we fall into bed overstuffed and exhausted!

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M&Co. said...

Good Lord that exhausts me just thinking about it.

What do we do? This year we slept in because I kept everyone (dogs & kid) up very late because I'd been up early for many mornings in a row and wanted to sleep past 8:00 a.m.

The BoyChild got a basket with some trinkets, a game for his Nintendo, money in plastic eggs ($10.25 total I think) and a small amount of candy. We quit doing the boiled egg thing because he didn't really like dying them and the dogs would eat them when we tried to hide them, resulting in gassey dogs that are difficult to live with. Later we went to a friends house where we hunted Easter eggs for a time and then the kids ran wild while the grown-ups sat around and talked.