Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 17

So, I've been slacking on the challenges.

Forgive me.

I've been busy.

And, I've also been in a dark, twisty, sullen mood and not in the mood.  Not in the mood for much of anything.  Sulk, sulk.  Welcome to my pity party.  I think I'll go eat worms.

Yet again, today dawns anew.  And it is Day 17 of the challenge, mostly because it fits my mood.  So, without further ado . . .  Five RANTS or complaints or things that bug you.  Vent them and let them go.

Huh-huh.  Insert Gargamel, Evil Wizard, Dark Lord Chuckle.

Number 1 iRant. 

It bugs me when I'm driving and I stop for pedestrians to cross in an "optional" place, like a herd of people going into Lowe's, and not a single one of them waves a courtesy thank-you.

Number 2 iRant. 

Merge means MERGE, for the love of God.
Yield means YIELD.

If you are merging, get the job done!  Get your groove on.  Stomp on it and get the *&^% over.  The purpose of the acceleration lane (go ahead, guess) is to ACCELERATE.  Get up to speed.  Do it quickly.  Get your damn signal on and GET OVER.

Any one of these means merge: (I especially love the one spelled out, in case you are really dense.)

Yield.  My friend and yours, wikipedia, says that yielding is that thing you do when you DO NOT have the right away.  As in . . . it's almost a stop.     Really, to yield means, "watch out . . . someone more important is coming though." As in, ALWAYS yield to ambulances and emergency vehicles.

This is yield:

Wow, see how different the signs look?  Amazing. 

Number 3 iRant

Laziness.  Sure, I'm a fan of the occasional day where you choose to be a complete slug and watch reruns of Law and Order all afternoon, or where you choose to ditch yard work and catch up on past episodes of The Voice.  Don't get me wrong.  Everyone gets a day off.  What builds my rant is chronic laziness.  There's no place in MY life (I realize this is my, my iRant . . . so YOU can be lazy all you want) for chronic laziness.  And what really hacks me off is an "oh, I wish I had the energy to . . . . " coming from a chronically lazy personality.  Get up!  Move!  Go. Find a project.  Get going.  Get your thyroid checked.  Take a happy pill.  Do anything.  Do something! 

Number 4 iRant. 

I've initially filled this rant spot up four times over with different things.  I started with judgmental folks.  Added accusers.  Took that out.  Put in a situation.  Took that out.  Put in something else.  Took that out.  Like I said, I've been in a dark and twisty place . . . so I officially replace the whole shooting match with PEOPLE.  

Number 5 iRant. 

Dog poop on the sidewalk.  This is really hacking me off lately.  I think we have a geriatric doggie in the neighborhood that goes for a nightly walk but the owners aren't seeing that it is laying a steady path of butt nuggets all the way up the street.  ON the sidewalk.  I hate dodging dog poop when I'm running, walking or doing ANYTHING where the responsibility of pet ownership has been avoided.  Pick up after your dog.  And because I just bitched about judging . . . I'll qualify that.  IF you want to let your dog poop all over and not pick it up, do that in YOUR backyard . . . not in public places, puh-lease!! 

Oooo-kay . . . Finding my zen moment . . . and . . . . letting . . . go . . . . 

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