Monday, April 23, 2012

Confessions of a not-so girly-girl.

I'm sort of a tomboy.  Well, sort of.  I grew up on a farm.  I helped birth puppies when I was a wee-one, maybe three or four.  I mucked shit out of stalls from a really young age.

I cleaned up pretty well for prom and such, but I wasn't really much of a girly girl.

My first year of college, Homestead got a hold of me and a box of clairol and said, "you need to dye your hair . . sit still . . . I'll help."   And I let her.

But I stopped that nonsense when Middle was about two.

Sure, I pluck and preen and groom and brush and polish, but it's more out of necessity than desire.  I really love a stretch of days that require no make-up.  I like those days A LOT.


In recent months-slash-years, I've become a bit of a girly girl about nails.

I like doing nails.  Scratch that.  I LOVE doing nails.  I could probably open a salon.  I already have the Asian thing going.  I'd call it "Beautiful Nail" so all the white folks would wonder if you could get more than one nail done at a time.  Joking.

I'm in the middle of a confession here.

I like doing nails.  My own.  Yes.   The kids.  Yes.  It's like having 60 little tiny blank canvases to practice with and create stuff on.  I love it.  

And as such, I'm posting a few cool ideas.  My likey to share.

This is Sally Hansen InstaDri  #320 with a freehand volleyball done with fine line white & black. 

Best toe-nail color EVER.  Sally Hansen #375, Gone Grey.  Her toes are SO hard to polish . . . they all curl under.  One day on the beam and all but the big guy is rubbed off.  Cute little piggies, though, aren't they? 

Gone Grey with #270 Lacey Lilac.  Thin white belt & flowers. 

Best wearing manicure to date.  Gone Grey with #130 Blue Me Away and #300 White On.  I used a makeup sponge and lines of color on paper to sponge this on in strips.  I put silver glitter over the top.  It wore for almost 10 days. 

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M&Co. said...

The BoyChild's toes curl under like that. It makes clipping them a challenge, I've never tried to pain them.