Friday, April 13, 2012

Bagel Pizzas . . .


Because I had all the ingredients on hand.  And because a beautiful tossed salad (for me and the garden girls) goes along perfectly with it.  And, because the kids get to make kitchen creations, too.  I'm not wholly responsible for the demise of dinner.

I strongly recommend a piece of canadian bacon to plug the bagel hole as a first step.  Brilliant, right?  No leaking sauce through the hole.  Yes, my mantra  . . . . it's the little things!


Disney Redhead said...

We do these in our house too. Although I prefer using english muffins. Oddly enough, we had them last night. We went out to an expensive dinner earlier this week so the rest of the week is "cheap meal week." Haha.

Winter said...

We actually had these (english muffin style) friday as well...wierd and small world that it is. We had Moose's best friend and his parents over for dinner. I warned them ahead of time it was build your own pizza they had fun and even tried a new pizza topping Tabby and I LOVE, diced eggplant :) a terrific substitute for meat for pizza because of the texture. Yumm :) You're not only not totally responsible, you're not alone either :)