Tuesday, April 03, 2012

April 1st . . . closet turn-around

It's April 1st.  In Colorado, that means the perfect blend of crisp, cool weather with short stints of sweltering heat.  Case in point:  It was 87 on Sunday when we drove through Denver.  Today, it's snowing and 34.

This is the time of the year for (a) spring cleaning and (b) layering.  Hence, the perfect time for a closet turn around.

It's like this.  Go into your closet as it is right now.  Turn all the hangers around so they face backward.

Like this:

As you wash, wear & re-hang, put hangers back on facing the right direction.  This clean-out ONLY works if you make the "I will pitch it" vow at the same time.

In 3 months time, any hanger facing the wrong direction will not have been worn.  Logically, since I haven't worn it,  it's not important and I don't like it.  I don't wear it, therefore, I'm getting rid of it.

Fair game .  . . on May 15, feel free to try to wear everything that's still turned around.  You won't like it and you'll add to the donation box on the spot.  OR, you'll wear it, recall how perfectly suited that garment is to your frame and that hanger will turn.  

Anyone in the mood to play along?


M&Co. said...

Oh I wish you'd given me more warning! I *NEED* to do this, but man this week sucks. That's such a good idea I may need to add it to my evernotes to put it into action.

Winter said...

Very cool idea. I would love to get Big Daddy and Boyo to do this! I only have about 10 things in the closet over all and about 4 drawers besides...and I weed monthly. They are both pack-rats! ug. I already suggested "responsible materialism" to Big Daddy...it made him chuckle. yay me..lol