Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yesterday . . .

Yesterday, I was exhausted.  Just bone tired, right to the core.  We went to see The Hunger Games in the middle of the afternoon, and I think sitting in a dark theatre with a belly full of popcorn zoned me out for the rest of the day.  When we got home, I (well, all of us, really) was completely worthless.  In the end, I sorted through a couple of dad's boxes.  On a sidenote, that is TERRIBLE.  Gut-wrenched, completely terrible.  I completely understand how widows can leave their dead husband's clothes hanging in the closet for decades . . . or how things just don't get done because it takes superhuman, superhero quality emotional fortitude to sort through a single shoebox of a loved one's personal belongings.  It's exhausting.

I'm off-track.

The point was is:

I was exhausted.  But still did something.

In the midst of doing nothing, I videotaped my children.  I was sitting.  I was vegging and thinking, "Damn, we're busy.  Even when we are doing nothing, everybody is doing something."  So, I snuck up on them and videotaped them.  Big escaped me because she was onto my antics .  . . but I did capture 75% of them . . .

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