Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where have you been?

Yea, I'm behind.  Or rather, I've been gone.  Gone, but still here.  Curious.

I've been doing . . . other things.

I'm not sure what.  Cleaning.  Sorting.  Cleaning some more.  Dinkering around outside.  Weeding through a box or two of my dad's stuff.  Shopping for carpet.  Making a wedding album for my parents.  It's a wee bit of a challenge to create a wedding album when you know that  (a) it ended in divorce and (b) one of the participants is dead.  Scanning stuff.  Spying on people on Facebook.  Planning a carnival for school.  See, I don't know WHAT I do, I just know I'm busy.  Oh, yea, work.  Writing a newsletter.  Getting taxes prepped.  Figuring out miles for MOTH last year.  Ugh.  The ultimate simple math story problem.  I wonder if I can add mileage calculation to one of the kids' chore lists.  I hate that job.  Shopping for plane tickets.  Planning disney.  Looking at summer sports camps.  Hoping that Big makes the school team.  I've been the pillar of support for Middle at gymnastics this week.  Lots of tears being shed this week and that sucks in so many ways for the parent.

I'm cleaning out the fridge and freezer this week and doing the daily walk to the grocery store, purchasing ONLY the things I need to complete TONIGHT's dinner.  That being said, I'm planning to do Day 13 today, after I go to the store for celery, a water bottle caddy and two potatoes.

I'll be baaack.

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