Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seriously. It has started already . . .

Heavy sigh.

I have a soft, squishy, made of ooshy spot in the deepest, darkest back, bottom part of my heart for animals.  All animals, really.  Every year, it seems like some sort of rescue mission gets fronted from our garage.

The first year, it was bunnies.  Having never lived in THIS neighborhood in spring before, I didn't realize bunnies are a dime a dozen.  We spotted baby bunnies, these cute little bitty things EVERYWHERE.  They were in window wells and drain pipes, behind bushed, under porches.  Well, a little hutch of three was tragically orphaned when their mother (unknowingly) built their bunny hideout in our backyard.  Bird dog.  Chaser.  She often catches.  She doesn't EAT small things, but she does slobber them up and toss them in the air until they don't wiggle anymore.   So, we converted an old birdcage into a bunny rescue mission.  We hand fed them carrot puree and mushy dog food, followed by grass nubbins until we could release them.  Two survived.

And don't get me started on the birds.  Didn't I blog part of last year's bird saga?   Oh, yes, here it is . .  .
Good golly, there's more .  . . here.  Oh, I forgot about this guy.

Still, point is . . yesterday, I walked out into the front yard to say goodbye to guests and was startled by this flappy noise.

That's a panic-stricken red-headed finch and he is stuck in the light fixture.  Stuck.  Seriously stuck.  A big part of me wanted to walk away and let him figure it out.  And I did, kind of.  But as time progressed (yea, my ooshie gushie spot let about 4 minutes elapse) and the rational part of my brain began to admit that he was NOT going to find his way down and out, I got out the ladder, disassembled the light and rescued the little guy.  He flew out and cheeped a "thanks".

Mission accomplished.

And today . . . .

That's a different light fixture, still in the front of the house.  I  heard the flapping, looked up and saw TWO of the little buggers stuck in the light this time.  Sheesh.

Ladder.  Screwdriver.  Take apart.  Blah, blah, blah.

The point is .  . . I think this is nature's way (via finch, of course) of telling me, "Get new lights."

For sure.

I've always disliked these lights.

They look great with the house, but they are dumb for a variety of reasons.  You have to disassemble the whole contraption to change a light bulb or clean the glass, for one reason.  The screws don't align and you need a special screwdriver to get at the right angle.  Hence, they are stripping, rusting and virtually impossible to deal with. Second, the light bulbs required are THREE candelabra base lights.  In EACHl light.  We have FIVE!!  Who does that?  They NEVER burn out at the same time.  It's impossible to be energy conscious when you are blazing fifteen light bulbs at a go every time you turn that damn porch lights on.

Exhale.  Rant complete.  So, when the budget allows, or maybe sooner, if I have to continue to rescue finches from these stinkin' lights on a daily basis . . . I'll look for a lantern type outdoor light.  I'm already a fan of these:

Except.  ** Gasp ** Are those candelabra bulbs.  Curses.

It must be black.  I'd like a real light bulb.  And I'd LOVE it if I could find an antique looking,  HEAVY looking lantern, like a old seafaring gent would carry out from a lighthouse for a midnight check.

How about this?

Does anyone have words of wisdom on outdoor lighting? 


Homestead said...

I have a not-funny story about Hot taking down our front door light and melting his leatherman. He only survived because I was praying to St. Joseph.

And I have a funny story about a bird going down the chimney of the pellet stove in the old house. We had a very clean chimney and a very sooty bird captured in a Target bag. But first I came running with a box. I was going to catch a bird... in a box.

And a hysterical story about a chipmunk in the bathroom.....

Winter said...

Homesteads stories are as hillarious as yours! No advice...sorry. We have rascals in our neighborhood who lurk on the streets at night and sneak in sheds, steal light fixtures and solar lamps and break car windows whilst the average crime watch loving citizen AND THEIR DOG is snoring...So most of us have opted for bare, florescent and high power. You seem a bit at odds with your mushy just sayin' Hope your weekend is filled with lots of peace and no unwanted feathered friends in need of rescue :) (or furry or, God forbid, slimy!)