Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I really love my . . . .

Cuisenart Griddler.

Yes, I REALLY love my Cuisenart Griddler.  I was hunting for something like this and actually purchased a knock-off at Target, when my deal-seeking-diva-girlfriend texted me to say, 
"this looks like a better deal."  


This model normally sells at Williams Sonoma for $185.  
Williams Sonoma currently has it on sale for $99. 
She found it at Costco for $69.99. 


I took the Target floor model back and bought this guy. 

Since we bought him, he's been SO popular that he actually lives on the counter.  
Insert ** GASP **  here because I'm a complete counter nazi.  

We've made all kinds of lovely hot sandwiches and paninis.  The plates are reversible and pop right out for easy cleaning.  It also lays flat, so it replaced the old dinosaur griddle that we make pancakes on.  We got that for a wedding gift, so it should be about shot.  It kicked our standard mexican night up by about six notches with a home-grown version of Taco Bell's Crunch wrap supreme . . . 

In photos for Homestead's  benefit . . . 

Too bad I don't have a picture of the finished version.  It was into someone's mouth too fast.  It had perfect grill marks, melty cheese and was just plain delish.  De-lish!!


Winter said...

I will HAVE to look into one of those. Big Daddy bought me a panini maker which I adore but it's IMPOSSIBLE to clean as much as I like my cooking materials clean (insert an insane need for thermo-nuclear sanitized cutlery here) I NEED to get something that I can take apart and actually clean up to standard. Looks fabulous!

Elle said...

OMG . . . go get one. When I find something I like, I'm walking advertisement . . . I've sold three since I bought mine to friends that I knew were looking. It's FABULOUS!! Best kitchen gizmo I've purchased since a coffee maker!! Go. Go.

And another awesome feature, which I left out . . . .

REMOVABLE WAFFLE plates . . they don't' come with it, but what a huge perk. We love bacon waffles!! Who doesn't??

Homestead said...

IS THAT NACHO CHEESE? I only crave nacho cheese (and cheetos) when I'm about to get a migraine. But I might be able to eat it other times.

I drank the koolaid. I marched out to Costco and.... looked.

Then I went back.

I've been shopping for one of these since last Easter when my mother made delicious ham panini sammies.

So I bought it. $69.99 I think. It cleans up really easy... even with burgers or grilling chicken. And the grill things can go in the dishwasher.... at least I think they can.

We've had grilled dinner all week.

So the old George is in the donate pile... we used it well but I hated cleaning that thing and, a week in, I'm thrilled with this thing.