Saturday, March 31, 2012

Honesty . . .

Okay, so I posted ONE entry on weight loss, dieting, nutrition, whatever broad category it's called and got a zillion comments.  More than ever before.

I have comments, of course.  I am a girl with the gift of words . . .

Maisy . . . go get the damn jeans.
Winter . . . keep going, keep going, keep going.
AZ girl . . . (1) thank you for the email and (2) we really should have a reunion.  I know you think I should throw the BMI chart out the window.  I choose to reference that one because I find it's results more uplifting that the chart that our insurance carrier uses or the grid on the back of pantyhose.
Homestead . . . 5'4" is with my shoes ON.
M&Amp;Co . . . I was watching your blog through all of your loss last year . . . sorry to hear about your injury . . . . this too shall pass.

I had to take a break.

Until today.

So over spring break, I fell off the wagon.  I'm not beat up about that.  It's honest.  It happens to all of us.  Today's Saturday, still spring break, but spring break "week" is officially over, so I'm back on it.  As such, I'm posting two things today.

One . . . My favorite outside workout.  I've adapted it to meet the needs of my neighborhood, where I generally pound the pavement, but here it is.

Our the door.  Walk to the track at the middle school.  That's the warm up.  It's a quarter of a mile.

Run one lap.
Do 100 jumping jacks.
Run one lap.
Do 90 crunches.
Run one lap.
Do 80 squats
Run one lap.
Do 70 leg lifts.
Run one lap.
Do 60 jumping jacks.
Run one lap.
Do 50 crunches.
Run one lap.
Do 40 squats.
Run one lap.
Do 30 leg lifts.
Run one lap.
Do 20 jumping jacks.
Run for 10 minutes.

I did it this morning.  And is SUCKED.  Really bad, it sucked.  I had one little high that lasted a quarter of a millisecond, right after the lap following the 90's.  The rest sucked.  Sweat ran into my eyes, my back hurt, I rolled my ankle and spent the rest of the workout counting and dodging massive piles of goose shit.  Still, I did it.  Counting, is incidentally, what I do to get through workouts.  I count my right leg when running.  I count squats, I count piles of goose shit.  I count how dogs bark and how many dogs I can hear barking.  I count.  I admitted several posts ago that I'm a numbers girl right?  Like Rain Man savant . . . so be it no surprise that I count.

Second.  Not only did I fall off the wagon, but I gained weight.  Ugh, I say.  Parts of me are hurting and it's not a joke . . . still, I'm discouraged about weight gain.  I've gained 5 pounds.  Big deal?  Yea, kind of.  Not because of the number but because I feel like crap.  I.  Seriously.  Feel.  Like. Crap.   I feel bloaty and slow and sluggish and grumpy.  So, I'm starting again.  Today.

Oh, I have a third thing.  This week, despite spring break-ness, I did get out there twice (one trail run and one neighborhood walk) and did one home workout day.  On home workout days, Mimi often hangs with me in the basement.  She does pull-ups like a rock star and she can do all kinds of "stuff."  When she gets tired, she's in charge of maternal hydration.  This week, I was doing Jillian Michaels' 30-day shred.  At first, I hated her tapes.  I'd mute them because I don't find her words encouraging.  Now, I can hear it but the music selection is still terrible and reminds me of cheap porn music.  Insert gasp.

At one point, I was laying there cursing and Mimi says, from her perch on the chair behind me, in a perfectly inflected Jillian voice, "Come on, Mama, you gotta work hard . . . bodies like that don't come for free."

I had to keep laying there and laugh for a while.  Thank God for small humans with the gift of humor.  The lesson:  I think I better start muting them again.  But, it WAS hilarious!!


Homestead said...

We "Do Jillian" at our house. Sweet loves it. Bug is right there pumping iron with a set of Princess soup cans. Tuff likes to dress like the girls and walk around correcting the rest of us. It is completely 3-ring circus.

Also... have you done the "Jillian Tea" thing yet? It takes the 5 pounds off... sure... it is all water weight... but it feels good anyway.

Maisy said...

We LOVE Jillian at our house. We discovered her about a year ago and have consistently done it 3-4 times per week. It helps because my husband will do it with me. We use the 20 minutes to reconnect at the end of a long day. It seems like we always end up in stitches laughing and making fun of the tape. The porn music is a new one though. I can honestly say it has drastically improved my arms. I have big arms with lots of meat and now my arms have a nice shape to them. I have worked up to using eight pound weights. My favorite is Jillians 6-week six pack tape. It has made me very aware of my core. Now when I lift my a child I think and can actually tighten my core.
I read somewhere we make hundreds of decisions each day about our health and what we put in our mouth. I try and focus on just today so it is not so overwhelming. I plan my meals. Eating outside of meals is usually about something else for me. If I stop myself, pause and then do the next right thing, I can move on without all the guilt. O' and kids food is only the kids food in my house!
Thanks for sharing so openly and honestly. Always love reading your blog!

RileyBree(: said...

check out my blog your "big" might like it(: