Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 15

On the Blogger Challenge we are mid-way through.  Homestead is right.  We did Day 10 last year in a Challenge I stole from Heather.  Here is last year's wisdom.  I had forgotten about it.  Last year, I clearly put more thought into it.

There may be other repeats.  I'm still plugging along.  And it is Day 15:  The Million Dollars.  What would you do with a million dollars.  Why?

I actually read the topic for this one last Friday before we left for the weekend, so I had time to think it through, but I still don't have the very best answer.  I've spent that imaginary million about six times over during the course of the last few days.  I've bought houses in Breckenridge and time shares in a bunch of spots.  I've paid off our house and the car.  I've put money away for college and pre-paid kids' sports funds for the next couple decades.  I've created a pre-paid slurpee fund at 7-11 and thought about new furniture.  I've built a rescue mission for dogs, gone on a few medical missions where I rocked starving babies with no mothers and have doled out a ton of money to deserving charities.  But, here is my final answer.

I'd invest it.  I'd find a good place to stash the whole wad.  Somewhere safe and secure where I could tuck it away forever.  My only request would be for the annual payout to be enough for us to live on  . . . or to at least replace one source of income.  Wouldn't that be divine?

Finances are a constant source of wonder around here.  Mostly because I'm a one-woman show and I stand on an island.  I am our financial planner.  I'm our money-guru.  I do our money-related everything.  And that's a stressful position to be in.  An entire family's hopes and dreams rides on my shoulders, so I would find it liberating and wonderful to be able to invest and just live off of the return.  I'm not sure if a return could be what it would need to be for a million dollar investment, but because we're just pretending anyway, I'm pretending that the answer is yes.  I'd whittle expenses down to a comfortable nothing and then just live.  I wouldn't cut coupons or search for deals.  I'd just buy what we needed, when we needed it with never a backwards glance or regret.  The pain of the payment wouldn't be an issue.  I'd only think of the pleasure of the purchase.

Ah, daydreaming . . . .

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