Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 13

Day 13 . . .  A post about people . . . .

Name a minimum of 10 pivotal people in your life.  Use these as starters and give a why.

A person whom you admire:  My mother because she was strong enough to stop abuse in her generation.

A person that inspires you to be more:  Oprah because she has vision.

A modern day superhero:  Every mother in the world.  Kristin.  Cinnamon.  Cathy.  Frankie.  Christy.  Jaime.  Mandi.  Winter.

Someone you'd like to be like:  Danielle Spivey.  She's a mom from the gymnastics team.  She's an ultra-runner . . . like 100-mile marathons.  I'm inspired by her.   Also Christopher Reeve that mother with the flesh eating disease that lost both legs and both arms.  There are several cases, but the one with the newborn really strikes home with me.

Someone that scares you:  A couple of un-named "momsters" at school.  Not safe to name.  Also, though not a person, crazy drivers scare the crap out of me.  Road raging maniacs, armed gunmen and bad guys in general.  I'm kind of a cupcake.

A quality that you admire and the person who embodies it:  This one is hard for me.  Body confidence is a quality I really admire.  My old high school buddy Jam.  She deserves to be confident.  Frankie.   Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars.  And Christina on The Voice.  I wish I had that confidence.  Also Craig Rae and Ryan Norton . . . two dads I visit with from time to time.  They are networking Gods.  I wish I had the umph, conversation starters and general skill that they do at branching out, reaching out and making connections.

I'm sure that's 10.  There are a few more starters, but let's be honest.  I'm tired.

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