Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Day 11

A photo of the last single-item thing that you spent more than $50 for . . .

I had to go searching & hunting for this . . . .
Lately, I feel like I've been bleeding money.
Today, I haven't spent $50 yet.

But yesterday, I spent $126 at Target.  No single item was more than $50, so that doesn't count.   And I took kids to gymnastics, but that was paid for last month and it's not a single item . . . hmmm.

Monday, I had laser hair removal.  My second appointment.  Ouch.  It was more than $50, but I actually spent it way back in December.  Plus, I object to posting pictures of my armpits.

Saturday, I spent $50, exactly on a prescription for Middle's eye.  FIFTY freaking dollars for 3 ml's (not ounces, folks . . . that's 3 cc's) of Vigamox.  Ouch.

Here's the evidence.

That's not very exciting, so here's another . . . . .
Just two days before the Vigamox-pharmacy-episode, I was there for this $50 wonder-drug.

Only it was actually closer to $100, because Little requires two active prescriptions.  One is $46.99.  The other is $50.  Ahh, the high price of breathing.   The best part is . . . we have GREAT insurance.  There's just no generics for these guys.  I was at the Target pharmacy three times last week.  Sheesh.

Something more exciting.  My new jeans.  I never did find my lost perfect jeans.  I have to assume that they are in the Lupus Association.  I called them, incidentally, to try and track them down.  The store where they went had a huge President's Day sale and they were gone on Tuesday when I called.  That is, IF they were there to begin with.  At any rate, my favorite jeans are either gone forever or lost for good.  So, I ordered another pair.   Love, love, love them.

A head's up . . . tomorrow's blogger challenge is photographic.  Ten random things, and a "less than 10 word" explanation of each.  Better start planning.

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