Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Challenge . . .

Heather issued a challenge.  Here it is:

I challenge you to make a list of at least five things you like about yourself and post it on your blog.  They can be anything, as long as it's about you, and it's something you like.  (Examples: I'm a blonde.  I love butter.  I love my dog more than I love my mom.  I taught myself a third language.)   

But there are rules.

-Be honest.  This is self-explanatory.
-Don't be snarky.  This is serious, so don't be sarcastic.  Only post things you really, honestly like about yourself, and explain them in detail.
-No self-deprecation.  The purpose of this isn't to brag, but it also isn't the place for put-downs.  There is a time and a place for five things you hate about yourself.  Maybe.

Here's my list: 

1.  I'm hilarious.  I love that I'm hilarious.  I make most people laugh, including myself.  I'm quick with wit and have great timing.  I love to make plays on words that are clever.  I can joke and laugh about things that most people simply can't.  I'm real.  I'm funny.  I'm really funny. 
2.  I'm good with money.  I like spending.  But I like saving.  I like understanding money things . . . . loans, interest, value, depreciation . . . stuff . . . . 
3.  I'm really, really good with children.  I'm a magnet to most kids . . . I must smell like pudding and sandbox.  They just gravitate toward me.  I can talk to kids on a level that they get.  And I get them.  I seldom let a teachable moment slide by. 
4.  I have an amazing memory, especially for numbers.  Tell me your phone number once and it's locked away forever.  Fifteen years from now, I might  not remember what it belongs to . . but I'll remember the sequence of numbers.  Growing up, my phone number was 7195892020 and I lived in house number 13614, then 400, then 1214.  In college, I lived in room 217.  See.  It's a sickness.  Sometimes I feel like Rain Man.   I can remember phone numbers of ex-boyfriends.  Not exactly pillow talk. 
5.  Nine times out of ten, I'm totally chill.  Even if the kitchen is on fire, I've temporarily misplaced something crucial (like a kid) or I have someone not breathing in my arms.  I'm chill when we travel, chill when we're home . . there are only a couple of situations that can get me worked up.   It's part of the reason I was a great clinical nurse.  I can still think straight past the panic-point.  And I can still act. 
6.  I'm super organized. 
7.  I'm really good at re-framing things and seeing situations from other perspectives. 
8.  I'm a natural problem solver, except when it comes to computer problems.  But, life problems . . . I can find resources, get support, solicit donations and make insurmountable situations magically happen. 
9.  I'm kind.  I'm a really, really nice person and I feel good about doing the right thing, even when it's harder than hell. 
10.  I drink half of my daily caloric intake.  I discovered it when I began seriously tracking calories in last year.  I count everything I eat and drink.  Considering lemonade (which I adore), protein shakes, green smoothies & a protein drink that I really love, approximately half (sometimes just under) my daily calories are liquid.  That's a random fact more than something I  like about myself.  What I like . . is that I care enough to count.
11.  I'm a sports fan.  And I crochet.  I can also sew, cross-stitch, whistle, hum, do cartwheels & handstands.  I like being able to do lots of stuff . . . I'm an expert at nothing, but I try everything, and I try hard. 
12.  I'm not wishy-washy.  I'm the one in that group that makes a decision.  Remember dating and doing the, "Where do you want to eat?"  And the other person says, "It doesn't matter . . whatever you want."  Nope, that's not me.  I'm the one who hung up when the conversation was over instead of playing the "no-you-hang-up game".  I'm decisive and outspoken, a "call-you-on-the-carpet" kind of girl. 


Homestead said...

And also... #4 comes in very handy when I can't remember the password to, say, a Victoria's Secret account I opened in college.... you can list all of my college phone numbers, addresses, my Worner Center PO Box, my ex's room number and that place we lived.... whereever it was.....

Elle said...

It was number 202, the loft of the shitty green house which was, oh, so strategically located behind that mack-daddy nice semi-castle on the corner of Nevada & Uintah. You lived in 320. That's just weird.