Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Blogger Challenge - Day 9

A photo of your last kitchen creation.

Baby cinnamon pancakes for breakfast this morning . . . YUM!!   It's TCAP week in our house this week (and next).  I make a "real" breakfast with a solid protein source on all testing days.  It's a tradition.  Big and Middle and both engaged in long testing days today . . . sigh!  But at least there will be no homework tonight.


Homestead said...

Mmm... what did you serve with your cinnamon pancakes? Yum.

We are also doing testing. Sweet had a chickennugget-bagel sandwich for breakfast today. Tuff had half an apple, an Aussie bite & a Carnation breakfast drink.

Still putting the E in ECLECTIC for breakfast.

Elle said...

Sliver sliced strawberries and/or brown and serve sausages . . . which (take this home), my kids call "saucy weiners!!"