Monday, March 05, 2012

Blogger Challenge - Day 8

Day 8:  What kind of phone are you using?  What apps do you love?  List them and rate them.


I use an iPhone.  I just upgraded and signed my smartphone life away for an additional 2 years.  I don't mind.  I love my phone.  A lot.  Now, especially.   I have an iPhone 4s.  MOTH makes fun of me and says I like my phone because Siri gives me someone to talk to.  I'd call him a jackhole, but he's partially right.  I use her a lot.

I have a gazillion apps on my phone.  I'm the mom that lets her kids play with her phone, so that's partially why.  I have insurance.  This calls for a list.

Aside from all the factory settings . . . camera, weather, contacts, phone, messaging . . . I have:

A flashlight . . . love it.  I can change the furnace filter and forget to take a flashlight.  My phone is in my pocket.  Also iGlow Stick.  Because it's pretty and they change it from season to season.

A hard link to the group fitness schedule at the gym.

OnStar Remote Link.  I love the commercial.  I use it to lock my car from the inside of Target when I have that freaky, "did I lock it?" feeling.  Plus, I like that it tells me if my tire pressure is low.

Quick Scan.  I'm kind of obsessive about sale shopping.  I like it.  I used it today to price check under armor volleyball spankies while I was at Dick's.  The internet price was $5 more, so I bought them locally.

PaperKarma.  Oh. My.  God.  I love this app.  You take pictures of your junk mail and some magical shit happens and they remove your name.  I won't know for another week if it works really well or not, but the idea is a blockbuster.  Love. It.

CardStar.  Love.  Organizes all those frequent buyer cards and stuff.  Today at Dick's, I pulled my phone out, brought up the bar code for my Dick's ScoreCard.  The cashier can zap my phone.  I don't carry those cards anymore.

Facebook.  But I've grounded myself from FB.  Mostly, I just spy on other people.

Kindle.  Love.

Pandora.  Don't use it much.

Words With Friends.  Love.  I play all the time.  I currently have 9 games going.

A hard link to my 31 page.

More Sundaes.  The kids love it.  Cupcakes.  Pancake.  The kids love that one too.  These food apps are ideas that are brilliant in their simplicity.  You play them to keep yourself from eating.  No, really, the kids love them.

Tip Calculator.  Not all that necessary for me, but it has a check splitting option that's nice.

Coupon Sherpa.  Love, love, love.

Xfinity.  Because when I can't find the remote, I can still change the channel and not get off my ass.

Virtuoso.  So I can learn to play the piano.  Yea, right.

HE Everest.  It's Little's.

Blitz.  I'm addicted.

ParaPanicHD.  Kids.  Good one.  Land guys on a ship.  Mindless entertainment.

Fifteen.  I hate those games, but Big and Middle both rock at them.

For the sake of education:  K-3 sight words, Kid Calc, Math Cards & MultiGenius.   And Coin Math.  Learning to manage money starts early.  Oh, and States & Capitals flash cards.   That was for the big test when Big was in 5th grade.

ABC writer & Dora's Sky Writer.  So Mimi can practice on the fly.

Drawing Den, Color Me & Qvik Sketch.  For those moments when doodling is a must.

Blowfish Poppers, Chicken Run, Blowfish, Bloons, Angry Birds & Animal Flash Cards.  Kids, you know.

Books . . holy cow.  There's a whole folder of those.  Me & Mom, Monster @ the End of this Book, Beanstalk, Spookley, Cat in the Hat, Rudolph, Dragon Book, MeeGenius, Going to Bed Book, Moo Baa LaLaLa, Dress Up Fancy Nancy, The Grinch.

Blosics.  It's like Legos, but digital.  For Little.   I don't love it.  It frustrates the heck out of me.

Paper Toss.  Mindless fun.  A good one for beginner physics.

Sprinkle.  Little loves it.

DropZap.  Middle likes that one.  Also Strike Night & Skee-Ball.  There's nothin' like a good game of skee-ball.

Solitaire.  For those times when Siri is ignoring me.  And TicTacToe for when she's not.

Air Hockey.  And Wheel of Fortune.

Temple Run.  I think it's stupid, but the kids love it.

Mahjong.  I like Mahjong.  I like it digitally even better.  Pente.  That's a family favorite.  And Scrabble.  I like Words With Friends better, but I play pass-n-play with the big girls, especially while we are waiting for food in restaurants.

Bejeweled 2.  I said I was an addict.

Traffic Rush.  Another kid one, but I'll admit that I've spent some time in the pick up lane playing Traffic Rush.

Underwear.  A must for Mimi.  It's one of her favorites.  Thank you, Tod Parr.

Gobble Gators.  Lame, but not for Mimi.

Action Movie.  Get this.  So fun.  You take video clips of things and then blow them up.  I feel instantly better after I've blown something up.  I like to blow MOTH up when he has pissed me off.   It makes me laugh right out loud.

Little People.  Of course, for the Littlest of my People.

Where's My Water.  Physics for toddlers.  Addicting.  Love.

Pentanimals, Zentomino & Tangrams . . . because it's not really a video game if you are thinking.  Right?

SkyBurger.  So addicting.  And Sally's Spa.  I really do love that one.

HP Spells, Highlights Hidden Pictures, More Pizza, More Toast . . . again, kids stuff . . . .

Whew.  I'm exhausted.

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Homestead said...

Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots, Lorax Garden, Shark game.

Ok. I don't have a smart phone but I do have some apps on my ipod.

Also... right now a bunch of Dr Seuss stuff is free on itunes.