Thursday, March 08, 2012

Blogger Challenge: Day 12

Day 12 . . .  Photographic challenge.  Photos of 10 random things and a less than 10-word explanation for each.

Number 1:

It just  makes me laugh.

Number 2:

I just like this tree.  Nice symmetry.

Number 3: 

Middle cut eight inches of hair. 

Number 4: 

Oh My God.  These are so delicious. 

Number 5: 

I'm super crafty. 

Number 6: 

This was really, really pretty.  I love clouds.
 Number 7:

It makes me happy to watch her eat apples.  She gnaws a seatbelt and her nose scrunches up.
(More than 10 words.  Oops.)
 Number 8:

My current crochet project.  Pretty in that "old-lady" kind of way.

Number 9: 

Every packet says something different.  Witty.  Funny.  Like. 
Number 10: 

"Mama, the dogs want to come in." 


Disney Redhead said...

Is that your tattoo or just a random picture you found online?

Is that your orphan sock thing? I love that idea! Hope you don't mind if I "pin" it on pinterest.

Elle said...

Good LORD!! No, that's not my tattoo . . it's just some random picture that made me chuckle . . .

Pin away . . . . I actually stole the idea from Pinterst, too . . .

Homestead said...

I'm pretty sure I just put a pair of turquoise/black stripey socks in the "rag bag" because one had a hole..... want me to pull out the good one and save it for you????