Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pikes Peak Cup 2012

I hinted around it and promised pictures but never got them taken care of.  Drumroll, please.

Pikes Peak Cup 2012 was a raging success.  Girls from our home gym looked great, represented well and had a great meet.   Middle's session was the last session of the weekend, session 17.   She had the best meet of her Level 5 season.  She won all-around for her age division and she also took first on beam.  She took second on floor, second on bars & second on vault.

Isn't it just cool . . . that her teammates are in the 2nd and 3rd place spots, too??

So, so, so very proud of our tiny gymnast :)

She had been eyeballing the all-around medals all weekend, saying how 'cool' they were.
I'm glad she got to bring one home! 

Four blue ribbons . . .YEAH!!

Proud mama & papa with our tiny little champion :) 


Winter said...

Wonderful! Fabulous! what a terrific post. Congrats to all of the girls, particularly yours. (In that last picture MOTH is ALMOST smiling ;)

Homestead said...

I love what Winter said... MOTH IS almost smiling.... that's about as much as you get.