Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My Floors: Our Love-Hate Relationship

Grrr.  Let me just start with a deep growl.

These are my floors.  When was this upgrade?  I'm not sure.  2009.  Or maybe it was 2008.  Or maybe 2010.  I can't remember.  What I remember is really being in love with bamboo flooring.  It's what I wanted.  But then when I saw the samples IN my house, it turned out . . . not so much.  I didn't like it.  It was too uniform and too dark (or too light), but not just right.  Plus, I liked the snarls and knots and dings in the flooring that I actually chose. This.  It's walnut.  I still love it.

One of the things I really love are these contrast areas.  Dark walnut.  Light walnut.  I also have a couple of direction changes which I really do love and would definitely do again.  Likely, just like I did.  I like it all that much.  It makes sense and it's very aesthetically pleasing.

Here's something I don't love.  See that big honkin' crack?  There are places where the wood shrunk.  Significantly.  Even in the rainy season and even when I run a humidifier 24/7.  There are still gaps.  Shit gets in those cracks and it makes me bonkers.  Yes, I'm kinda anal about that.  It makes me nuts.  Dog hairs, popcorn kernels, bird seed.  I'm constantly vacuuming the floor to suck cracks.  Whatever.  Laugh if you want.  I'm a shameless crack sucker.  Thank heavens for Dyson.

And here's one more thing.  It's NOT scratch-proof.  Ha.  I laugh at the guy who sold it to us saying it would stand up to 150 pound dog and four kids.  HA HA HA HA HA.  See those gouges?  I'm not sure any flooring, any surface, anything could stand up to Moose when the doorbell rings and he comes barreling through the house at full tilt.  So, yea, there are scratches.    I guess I'll sand it down, buff it out and reseal it after the Moose era ends.

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LoryKC said...

We have the wood floors, we have the dog scratches. We get gaps too--mopping with plain warm water (or a steam mop) helps!