Sunday, February 05, 2012

In Summary . . . .

I've been really stinkin' busy.

I have:

* been to the grocery store.  Twice.
* put a couple meals in front of my family.
* been to the first volleyball power tournament for Big's team.  The girls played their hearts out.
* done a marathon weekend of gymnastics @ The Pikes Peak Cup.  Pictures later, but Middle rocked it.  I'm so proud of her wrapping up her Level 5 season with a bash & bang.  Go, girl!
* been down to the nursing home to pick up Pop's personal belongings.  Didn't get it all.  Need to do another trip.
* gone through a couple of bags.
* gone through the most awesome box of all, savoring everything along the way.  Pop was a very meticulous photographic record keeper, and in one box I opened, there were THIRTY albums.  All labeled by year and event, every photo captioned with who is in and when it was taken.  It's an amazing walk down memory lane.  Digitized pictures coming soon.  Or maybe not so soon, but still coming.
* booked a family vacation to DisneyWorld.
* and started researching things to do.  Sorting must-see things from probably-not things.
* thought a lot.
* gotten my toes done.  It was glorious.
* sorted through most of my desk stuff and caught up on almost everything.
* scanned stuff (all stuff) madly, wildly.  It's good.  I'm a crazy scanner.
* organized stuff.  In accordance with this crazy chica, I'm pretty much good to go.  I also put away all of my hundred million band aids and organized our bathroom closet.  
* took down the Christmas tree in Mimi's room.  Against her wishes, of course.  She wanted to leave it up all year, but I just couldn't.
* been through the revolving door of sick kids.  Little on Tuesday.  Big on Thursday.  Snow day on Friday.  Looks like Mimi has pink eye.
* been to the bank.  Twice.  And the library.
* called Amazon about Big's broken Kindle.  Got a replacement.  Mailed a return.
* called Thirty-One about a missing item.  Shipped that.  Processed that.  These piddly little things on my list that have been passed by of late.
* wrote an obituary.  Well, first I read about 100.   Of note, because I've been writing about Dad's passing, and previously wrote so much about his life and times as a WWII Veteran, and his Congressional Medal.  Since Christmas Eve 2011, TWENTY-NINE of his fellow service men have died.  I find that number alarming.  Wow.  He's not included, because I didn't get the obituary submitted in time.  So, at least one Veteran per day from these units.  Is anyone else astounded by that number?
* been to the gym an acceptable number of times this week.
* gotten on the scale once.  I'm ever so proud to report that I managed to get through the holidays, Dad's illness and his death and did not gain any weight.  For a constant weight watcher like me, that's a HUGE hurdle.  That's an amazing accomplishment and I'm not letting it go unnoticed as a personal victory.  Yes, I bought another pair of my new favorite jeans for myself.  I love them.  See, another small victory. I didn't celebrate my success with food.

And  . .

I'm starting this week with a to-do list.  It worked last week.

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Winter said...

Wow! you HAVE been busy. I'm always amazed by what you manage to squeeze into a week, a day..heck, even a post! The photo albums sound amazing. I want to do that kind of thing for my family. we have old pictures one of my cousins and I were going through and so many scenes are just unrecognizable by either of us. The older generation of our family is fading fast and many just don't remember anymore. *sigh* I pray I don't do that to my kids. Total congrats on the big fat goose egg!!! it IS an achievement to not gain anything through all of the turmoil and pain, the hectic schedules and the general overwhelming nature of the holidays. Kudos lady! Enjoy those jeans :)