Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shields, Pigs, Monkeys, Owls, Socking Evil in the Jaw and Ninjas Need Love, Too.

When Big was little, she said "val-is-tines".  We still say it around here.

Happy Val-is-tines Day, World.

And . . .

Valentine's Day.  Didn't I post a long deal about Valentine's Day last year.  Not my favorite.  I think I researched St. Valentine.  Oh yes, here it is.   No need to repeat my un-love for the commercialization of Valentine's Day.  It's yet another opportunity to spend money on crap that people give away.  Ugh.  I'm off on another tirade.  Still, we "do" Valentine's Day around here.

Big, middle schooler that she is, didn't have major plans for hearts day.  I still sent a love note in her lunchbox.  I'm like that.

Little's class made love potion and had popcorn.  They had assignments to make their own Valentine boxes.  My challenge was to use what we have.  No money out.  Here's what he came up with.  Yes, I helped.  I sawed the corners off of the pizza box, but the idea, paint & design is all his.  Finished product:

Google images inspiration:

I'm thinking, "yea, totally."

Middle had a party last week.   Same challenge applied to her.  She made a purple box pig.  Like this:

And Mimi spent long, long hours taking care of Valentine business.  Sticker mania.  She had a ball.  When she was done here, she stapled little packages of sweet tarts to these guys.  She became so engrossed with monkey making and owl crafting that she actually made enough for Middle's class too.   Do I ever LOVE the power of the sticker.  Absolutely mesmerizing.

Oh, wait.  One more thing on Valentine's Day.  Today is my Grandfather's birthday.  He would have been, um, hold on . . math in my head . . . . he died in 1980 and he was 97, I think.  So what's that . . 129?

Wow. Happy Birthday & Happy Valentine's Day.

Oooh-ooh, one more thing.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Valentines for boys.  Little delivered this to my desk this afternoon with a hershey kiss.  Sweet.  And I almost choked on the kiss when I read, "sock evil in the jaw."  Now THAT'S true love.  Say it loud and with super-hero conviction and intonation, like this, "SOCK EVIL IN THE JAWWWWW!!!"

And, the conversation went like this:

Little, "I'm wearing all black today."
Middle, "It's Valentine's Day  . . . don't you want to wear red?"
Little, "No."
Middle, "Really?  Everyone wears red or pink on Valentine's Day."
Mimi, "Yea, or purple."
Little, "Well, I'm wearing all black."
Me, "You look like a ninja."
Little, "Well, ninjas need love, too."


Winter said...

cute! love the conversation especially :)

Homestead said...

I'm wearing all black today and I need love... I must be a ninja.