Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Blogger Challenge; Day Two

In picture or written form, ten of your favorite things:

1.   Blogging
2.  My kids

3.   Coffee

4.  Organization . . . it makes me feel centered and together
5.  Giving . . . it makes me feel good.  Whether it's a piece of gum or hours of volunteer work . . it makes me feel good.

6.  Sharpies.  Go figure.  I just love them.  Scratch that.  Replace with 'office supplies'.  I love office supplies.

7.  Waking up before the alarm clock goes off.  Just a minute or two, and it feels best if I awake refreshed.  

8.  Laughing.  Almost any form.  Movies.  Books.  Jokes.  Practical Jokes.  Comedy.  Stand-up.  I love, love, love a gut-busting giggle that makes me laugh until the tears run down my legs.  I especially appreciate a witty and quick dialogue that cracks me up hours or days later when I replay it in my mind.  Inside jokes, too.  Love those. 

9.  Pinterest.  Oh, great time sucker, but oh, so fun. 

10.  A good vacuum.  Especially when the *&^^% dogs are shedding & I'm over-run with dog hair.  A good vacuum makes me very, very happy. 

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OH yes. Sing it.