Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 Blogger Challenge; Day 4

Day 4:  A list of projects that are started, but currently undone in your house.  If you are really bold, add a time frame for completion.

Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh God.

I'm doing this one, but it's in draft form.  I didn't look ahead and didn't come prepared.  Thus, oh God.

1.  Ongoing project:  Scanning the kid-stuff.  I'm up to date right now, but need to go back and pick up things I missed when the scanner was on the fritz.  I'm brave, so my timeline for completion is sometime before I have grandchildren.
2.  Ongoing project:  Digital photos.  I'm digitizing everything I can.  Creating a sleek, clean album out of pictures that I can't bear to throw away.
3.  2011 Family Album.  Currently underway.  Big is helping.  It will be done sometime soon.  And by soon I mean, um, by May.
4.  Dad's Life Album . . . is underway . . . . Big is helping.  It will be done by July 1st, so that it can be displayed at his memorial on July 16th.
5.  I'm the photo historian for Middle's gymnastics team.  I have a digital photo-book in progress.  It will be done by May, so that the girls can be given copies at the awards banquet in June.
6.  Dad's photo-DVD . . . for the memorial.  Working on it.  I get easily overwhelmed and side tracked with pictures.  Need an iMovie tutorial.  It will be done by July 16th.
7.  Scanning old personnel files.  It sucks.  I do one per week.   It will be so liberating when I can sell the hunk-of-junk tin two-drawer file cabinet that is functioning as the end table in the guest room.  I've always hated that thing.
8.  Donations.  I'm doing the 40-bag thing.  I saw it on Pinterest.  Can't remember where but I've vowed to not turn down a donation truck in this calendar year.  Even if I only have one or two bags, I will give, give, give.  I have a box in the garage at all times that things get put into.  You'd think it would be empty after last weeks' massive pick-up.  You're wrong.  It's full again and the next pickup is March 5th.
9.  Furniture.  I want to get rid of the table in the extra room.  And the corner cabinet in our bedroom.  I'm just over them.  They're extra and I'd rather see the baseboards.  My ongoing project is to sell them.  I'd like the timeline to coincide with new carpet, so they can go out before new carpet comes in and never get put back.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe.
10. Carpet for the upstairs.  Measurements on Tuesday.  That's a huge project.  I'm not even sure it's in the budget, but there's no way to tell until after we have measurements.  So, I jumped in with both feet.
11. Carpet upstairs begets two other projects:  tile in the master bath.  Because I don't want carpet and if they are ripping it up, I also don't want splintery subfloor.  AND . . . . master closet reorganization.  Uh.  That's so big it makes me shake my head.  Timeline:  no freakin' idea.
12.  Project paint-the-downstairs-bathroom.   It's been beach-y for a while.  I'm ready for a change.  I'd like a picture mural but I don't like the price tag.  I might paint it.  But I'm a little afraid.  The walls have no texture and that presents a problem.  Timeline:  ideally, before Homestead visits this summer (hint, hint).
13.  Ongoing project:  meal planning, preparation and healthy lifestyle-slash-eating for the family.  I'm obsessed with TLC programming.  Right now, I'm hooked on "My 600-pound Life."  Amazing.  Just amazing.  I'm also borderline obsessed with weight loss gimmicks, advertisements, fitness stuff and overall diet and health related stuff.    Mostly, because the whole idea of healthy lifestyle is about SO MUCH more than being skinny.

I'm certain I will revisit that in the next day or week and change/amend.  Hmm.  Curiously, I actually feel a little more organized right now.  Rock on.  I think I liked that.

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Homestead said...

Do you want me to bring the texture gun? Because we could texture the bathroom. I can bring the gun.