Monday, January 09, 2012

Menu for This Week

I've been off track.  With hospital trips and kids home during the day, trying to fit some fun things in complicated by a husband lingering around the house .  .  I've just been off track.  I bet every mother of school aged kids starts walking sideways, like they need a V8, close to the end of Christmas Break.

I spent about 6 hours in the kitchen yesterday doing prep work for this week's meals.  I'm back on track.  I think . . .

Sunday:  I did Christmas dinner.  The sides we never had over the break.  Extra sides for dishes this week.
Monday:  Shepherd's Pie with the leftover mashies from last night.  Delish.
Tuesday:  Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry over rice
Wednesday:  Stuffed Shells
Thursday:  Pork Tenderloin, veggies from the freezer &
Friday:  Fend for yourself night.  Beauty & the Beast is being re-released and we have no volleyball on Friday night, so we girls are having a date.  We will eat our body weight in popcorn.  The boys, I'm sure, will have pizza.
Saturday:  Team late lunch @ Jason's Deli.  I'm not cooking.   Coming home for snacks and/or munchies only during the Bronco game.
Sunday:  Something marvelously crock pot-able.  Probably that super duper French Dip recipe I shared a few months ago.

And, Homestead, here's the recipe I meant to share w/ you for Lime Chicken Soft Tacos.  I got it from Mel, who does meals like WE do . . . well, sort of.  She brought it to a Mexican pot luck that we did for the volleyball team.  It was delish.  Your kids will like it.


Winter said...

looks fantastic. And yeah..about the whole sideways and around the bend thing after break. Oh yeah...

I'm going to have to hunt down that french dip recipe. I haven't had anything roast beef like in 6 months (I used to work at Arbys...not real roast beef by any means, but the lingers.) I would love to make some REAL french dip stuff for the kids next month

Elle said...


I'm an Arby's Alumni, too. How odd is that. I still can't eat Arby's roast beef. Ham, yes. Turkey, ok. Roast beef. Nope. I was the queen of the drive thru in my high school days. My uniform was brown polyester . . . how about you??


Winter said...

Hillarious. I was a manager so I wore until the "Good Mood Food" lime green shirts came out. yay! Having seen what the beef is made of I just can't do I called Arby's "the Hotel California" because everyone I knew who worked there and left came back!