Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goals, Random Stuff and A String of Tangential Thoughts

In no particular order . . .

1.  Remember my last-week-of-the-year blogger rant about flex spending?  Turns out I ended up spending my entire whopping $1722 at Drugstore.com on flex covered stuff.  Want to know what that means?  Well, it's nothing exciting.  I have enough band aids to choke a horse.  Mid-shopping spree, I got frustrated and tired and I just started putting three boxes of every kind in my shopping cart.  As a result, I have three Princess, three Dora, three camo, three dolphin tattoo ones, three pixies, three hello kitty, three Cars . . . hells bells . . . three of everything.  And six Star Wars.  At 25 band aids per box, that puts me up in the hundreds.  I ordered ear candles.  And eye drops, heating pads, ice packs, survival kits, contact lens solution (curious . . nobody here wears contacts), also test strips for my diabetic mother and Polident for her teeth.  I stocked us up on coban, athletic tape, steri-strips (I have glued a few kids back together with good steri-strips), PSI bands, saline mist and gel for noses, and non-latex gloves.  Also mid-shopping spree, I clicked to put two boxes of non-latex gloves in my box.  Whoops.  It was two cases.  I have TWO THOUSAND pink nitriles in my garage now.  Random.  It came, and is still coming in random boxes.   Here's the point.  I feel like a medical supply hoarder.  And that feeling is totally stressing me out.  I don't usually carry extra "stock" of anything in the house.  Just one extra jar of spaghetti sauce is good in my book.  One box of band aids is good.  So, packed tightly and organized well,  $1722 in medical supplies fits in one medium sized box and I have this overwhelming feeling of "oh, crap, if the house burns down, I'll lose all those band-aids."  I'd be a terrible hoarder.  And a terrible extreme coupon-er.  You have to store ALL of that stuff.  It actually makes me itch just thinking about it.  My mother-load of medical supplies fits in this box:

2.  Survivor.  We watched Survivor last season.  I know the finale is long done, but I'm so BUMMED!  I'm not sure who I wanted to win, but I know it wasn't Sophie.  Or Coach.  Or Brandon.  I'm really sad at what Survivor has become.  What an ironic soapbox to stand on . . . to preach honor, integrity & shove righteousness down everyone's throat . . .  in a game where it is an impossibility.

3.  Along the lines of crappy television, over winter break, I was needing something mindless and mind-numbing to do after a long and terrible visit with my dad.  I turned on The Bachelor.  Shoot me now.  I haven't watched The Bachelor since Jake Pavelka disappointed me completely by choosing Vienna over the very adorable Tenley (the name sake of my new favorite jeans . . . or not, but I warned you I was random and rambly.)  I'm totally bothered by The Bachelor and the whole idea behind it.  I don't think it's possible to find true love in that situation . . . one that breeds jealousy and mistrust.  But that's me.  I could not do that.  No way.  Still, now that I've watched one or two . . . I might continue watching this season.  If nothing else, it will give me iRant material for "What the Heck Happened Here?"

4.  A year in review.  I might do something.  But not now.  I'm digging out from under the pile on my desk, so there's no reviewing right now.

5.  Goals . . . I wrote them.  At least, I wrote a draft of them.  I'm not referencing them now, but I have made a conscious decision to incorporate my diet-lifestyle choices into "What the Heck . . .".  Diet is part of who I am and who I have always been, but I've left it an un-bloggable topic for many, many years because either (a) I didn't want to preach or (b) I don't want to talk about it  or (c) I'm totally annoyed by other peoples' constant posts in facebook and such that say, "NIKE treadmill just tracked me.  I ran 4.8 miles and it felt great."  I HATE those posts.   Diet and exercise is one of those tricky areas where you either appear to be bragging and other people, and, especially females want to kick you in the teeth,  OR, you appear to be bitching and other people, especially females, jump on to the bitch train and tip the scales.   I don't want to brag or bitch.  I just want to be honest.  I have weight loss baggage.  It will be therapeutic to write about it.  It's for me.  Not you.  So don't think I'm bragging.  Dont' kick my cyber-teeth in.  And don't let me bitch.  Ups and downs are part of it.  I simply want to record, in the place where I record things . . the things that are working for me.  Or the things that are not.

6.  Organizing.  I'm also planning to post more on that topic.  It keeps me honest.  I'm through a huge stack of scannables right now.  I scan everything.  I keep hardcopies of . . . well, nothing.  Pretty much nothing.

7.  Meals.  Another bloggable topic for me.  Writing it down makes it a plan.  I stuck to the stir fry plan tonight.  Big ate it.  Middle will eat when she gets home.  Little ate meat & rice.  Mimi ate rice & spinach.  I ate rice & veggies . . . zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli & rice.  I lost my appetite to eat the chicken midway through the preparation stage.  Full. Body. Shudder.

8.  Have you read this?

Today, Mimi and I were hustling out the door to get to gymnastics on time after a minor disciplinary set-back.  It's tough to be four.  There's big stuff to learn.  Anyhoo, I said, "hurry, hurry, go get dressed."  No further instruction.  She came out in a striped leotard, striped pants in navy, teal & hot pink, striped jacket in purple and soft pink, and two mismatched striped socks.  And away we went.  I can't expect fashion out of her when I am sporting my fashion handicapped placard, too.   I know, I know.  Children are a reflection of you.  I used to be totally anal about that.  But on the way to gymnastics, she told me, "These are my favorite pants.  This sweater is soft on the inside and it's my favorite colors: pink and purple . . plus it zips so it won't pull my piggies out.  Middle told me to wear mismatchy socks like her today so we could be twins."  From where I stand, rationale and a working mind is more important than a matching outfit.  She'll have plenty of days ahead where she'll have to match.

9.  Credit cards.  I went to Costco today.  Realized my American Express is missing.  Said a few choice words while I waited in line for a temporary shopping pass.  Used my rewards certificate, which was LOVELY, as it brought my balance down to only $83 in groceries.  Might last me until the end of the month, minus fresh produce.  I got home to a message from Capital One that our card had been flagged for fraud.  More choice words.  Seriously, Universe!! Do I look like I have time for this crap?

10.  Kitchen appliances . . . . I'd like to know what you have and what you use.  Prepare a blog entry on it.  Who has a panini maker?   I want some sort of pressy-thing that will make quesadillas and paninis and grilled cheese and such . . . . NOT a George Foreskin.   Because those ribbed things make me crazy to clean.

And that's that . . . .


M&Co. said...

I write about my weight-loss-gain and "I hate exercise." Reading about your ups and downs will probably help me feel better about my own.

Appliances? I use my kitchen aide mixer a whole lot.

Winter said...

I think its a good thing to blog about whatever struggles you're going through. Even if they are post victory struggles. there's a psychology to it all and letting go is important. I will be writing about it too as I have come to the conclusion that to be healthy, in the way I want to be, means I will be losing weight. Frightening thought..but it is what it is.

3Js said...

So, I caught myself watching the Bachelor too. I cannot find one single attractive thing about that guy...I kept saying it over and over to hubby (which I am sure he appreciates!) I enjoy a little drama, but those ladies are little "cuckoo". The show will never be the Trista and Ryan season, they are still my all time favorite. Wait...did I just admit I have watched more than several seasons of the Bachelor?