Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things I have said lately . . .

"Could you kindly come up here and be manly?  There is a hunk of dead animal in the middle of our bedroom.  Nasty."

"For the love of ALL that is good and holy, DAWG, put down the sprinkler tubing!"

"My word . . . the choices in the feminine hygiene row are astronomical.  This place was built for a advertising junkie like me.  I love the colors on this box.  Let's just pick a color theme and run with it.  K . . not red."

"That shirt is beyond parakeet.  Put it back before you start asking for crackers and crapping on the floor."

"Ball schucking.  Schucking is a word, isn't it?  I'm a mother.  Apparently, I'm a schucker.  I guess I'm a mother schucker.  We should have shirts made."

"How many?  We don't have that many acquaintances . . . OR friends.  Do those come in four-packs?"

1 comment:

Winter said...

ROFL have you considered stand up as a fall back? lol the funny thing is I always say that the things one can hear at our house are not heard anywhere glad I'm not the only one with a house like that ;)