Friday, December 16, 2011

A list.

Like everyone, I'm feeling a touch overwhelmed, but nothing clears my mind and precipitates focus like a rambly blog post.  I realize these are not the sort that most readers like to read.  They aren't devoured for content.  But then again, I'm not teaching.  I'm not preaching.  This IS all about me.  Right.

Dive in.

Only a few hours left of school.  Middle's birthday treats.  Check.  Little's birthday treats.  Check.  Little is star of the week.  So . . . . estimation jar.  Check.  Show and tell.  Check.  Well, almost.  I'm supposed to be at school with "da burd" at 12:30 today.  Socks for sock exchange.  Check.  Homemade something-cheap for secret Santa. Check.  Lunches.  Check.  Teacher gifts.  Check.  Well, I fell a few short, but seriously . . . I'm in to value and giving from the heart and I wasn't feeling it for a few folks, so . . . . . check enough.  Big has an ethnic foods celebration.  T-minus 40 minutes on that.  The rice is almost done and a package of forks is in my purse.  No, I won't forget them, honey.  I don't know how I could.  You just texted me yet another minder about the utensil situation.  I love you, too.

Ikea.  I've been IKEA-ing.  Mostly because I've been on about a four-year long hunt for a good, cost effective desk for Middle.  She's a kid that needs a desk.  She spends time at it.  Crafting, drawing, coloring, doing random stuff.  It's her birthday present.  A most awesome desk. From IKEA.  And the drawer unit that goes along-side.  I'm happy.  She'll be thrilled.  MOTH will curse no less than a dozen times in the course of assembly.  Assembly as the word ASS in it for a reason.  As in . . pain in the ASSembly.

Lovely, right?

I've been quoting busted halo.  Like.  Thanks, Winter, for the recommendation.  I love quotes.  I'd like to find a few specific ones.  Later.  I'm too busy right now.  It's that kind of busy where I'm not sure if I've found a rope or lost my horse. 

Facebook.  Seriously.  

Consequences.  I've done a few volunteer days at school lately.  I like it, in general.  I like to be involved with the kids' lives.  It's my most important job right now.  So, I spent the morning at centers in 2nd grade, I'll be back and forth between three schools for parts of holiday parties for the rest of today.  After I'm at school, I'm always left with a profound feeling of "wow, these teachers do so much."  There was a time I thought I had missed my career calling and I was meant to be a teacher.  Not so much anymore.  I have an overwhelming respect and appreciation for the ladies and gentlemen that spend their days instilling edu-ma-ka-shuh into my children.  But, really, it only takes one little shit to tip my scales the other way.  I know, I know . . . . that was harsh.  But the fact remains.  I'm a big fan of firm boundaries of real consequences.  Real.  Consequences.  Like when you CHOOSE a specific path then you also choose the stuff that goes along with it.  If you choose the dark and twisty road, then you'd better be prepared for some lonely nights and the thorns and overgrown brambles that come along with your choice.    Enough said.  Point is:  yea for teachers.  I love you guys.  And . . . two of my favorites . . . "get glad in the same pants you got mad in" and "you made your bed . . . lie in it." 

Skiing/gym/working out.  I hurt my back.  Again.  WTF?  Not sure, but the week after Thanksgiving, I was a wreck and since then, it's not been terrible, but it's also not been hunky-dory.   I think I have a tear in my energy field.  Life's crap seeps in through a hole in my aura around my lumbar spine.  Maybe I've been watching too much "A Gifted Man"  (which, by the way, you should ALL be watching.)   I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to ski this weekend or if I'll be sledding with Mimi and piddling about town.  Oh, did I forget to mention we are OUTTA here??  Right after Big's volleyball game tonight, the mountains are calling me home.  I can't wait.  I'm looking so forward to being able to EXHALE.  I should be packing and picking up the rest of the house, but instead, the random things in my brain  must first be purged. 

I need to wrap a few gifts.  I have the jammie tradition yet to wrap.  I need to make a few things package presentable.  I need to put together a few small gifts for the volleyball party and gift exchange on Monday night.  My Christmas cards aren't done.  I haven't finished the letter.  I've come across a stumbling block that I can't write about, at least not to my liking.  So, like all winners, I quit.  Temporarily.  Know when to walk away, right Kenny?  Middle wants to put together some sort of something for the girls on her team for birthday-slash-Christmas.  We'll have to tackle that next week.   They gym is closed.  Not.  They still have practice.  But really, that's okay.  Middle is a mess without the gym. 

I need to set up a payment for MOTH's new car.  Oh, did I forget to mention that, too.  Right, new car. 

I need to blog about green smoothies.  I love them.  I did that thing that MOTH does that makes me nuts . . . hinted and hemmed and hawed about this gift I wanted . . . did the research, did a bunch of vacillating back and forth.  Got to the point where he said, "shut it", I'll go get it for you.  Then I bought my second choice (for myself) at a really good price.  It's a blender.  I bought a Ninja.  I'm pretty sure I could blend wood in that thing.  My GAWD.  Does it make a smoothie.  Green for me.  Big also drinks green.  Little will drink them. So does Mimi.  Middle prefers a traditional protein shake.    More later, but know it's just salad a la blender.  Nothing added.  Just salad that has absolutely been pulverized by a two horse power blending with four chopping blades.  Amazing. 

Okay . . . more still banging about, but I need to pack the rice.  See, thank goodness the forks are already in my purse.  

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