Monday, December 12, 2011

I really do have a lot to say . . . .

. . . but for tonight, need to sit and do some editing first.  So . . . .

we got home late last night from STATE gymnastics, where (drumroll, please) our tiny gymnast had the best meet of her level 5 career.  Yeah.  More detailed post and pictures coming.  Suffice the teaser to say that I'm the proud parent of a state champion.  There should be a bumper sticker.

We rolled in just before midnight.  Little was the only one that made it to school on time.  I let the girls sleep for a while.  It was well deserved and a self-imposed two hour delay for mental health is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

I did a bunch of running around today.  I picked up the last 13 charity gifts for the community giving tree at school.  Side note:  it kinda hacks me off when people take a tag and say they'll do it and then just go spontaneously Alzheimer's and don't return their stuff.  Still, it's hard to remain pissy in the face of need.  Real need.  So, I did the gifts.  A bunch of folks pitched in and I went shopping. Fun for me.  Old Navy let me double up coupons, so I was able to get new hoodies and warm jackets for everyone on my list . . . . seven folks total.  With my birthday coupons, rewards money, and a coupon doubler . . . I ended up spending $50 for all of it.  Well, $30 actually, since I bough myself a sweater.  There's my deal of the day.

New windows arrived and were installed today.  This is a big hole in my house.

Well, not ALL new windows . . but a start on the newest home improvement.  The sliding glass door plus four windows.  I do love them.  They are clean.  I feel like a fish in a bowl . . . clean windows and no window treatments :)

And that's all . . . until further editing occurs.

By the way, are these last two weeks of the semester HELL on every mother?  Carmel popcorn for this one, concert on this night, granola bars by Wednesday, party on Friday, take ethnic food to fourth hour on Thursday, birthday treats on some day this week . . . . sheesh!  The list goes on and on . . .

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