Friday, December 23, 2011

Holy To-Do List, Batman.

I haven't been to the grocery store since before our weekend escape to the mountains on the 16th.  That's approximating a week of no-fresh-food (well, limited).  Couple that with poor planning due to circumstances beyond my control.  That equals . . . child care for two afternoons and one evening while I've been at the hospital (read: ramen, plain pasta and a hunt-for-your-own-sandwich afternoon.  Yes, peanut butter and frosting makes a good sandwich.  Add marshmallows & chocolate chips.)  And a Dominos night.  Thank heavens for delivery drivers.

So  . . . .
1.  Grocery store . . . nobody in this house wants turkey.  Nobody wants ham.  Middle says, "can't we just have all sides?"  Um, I'm thinking of a winning-mommy-moment to refute that.  Something about need for protein, when MOTH pipes in and says, "yea, can't we just have all sides, extra carbs?  It's Christmas, after all!"  So, we're having my world famous pretzel stuffing, mashies and homemade rolls.  The grocery list is getting shorter.   That means:  pretzels, link sausage, wild rice, mushroom, onion, broth.  Wait, we probably have that.
2.  Spaghetti on Christmas Eve.   Or maybe we will flip flop that.  It depends on when I need to be at the hospital and if there is anyone home to cook or if we need a crock pot to do the heavy work.  That means:  italian sausage and sauce.  I'll make bread.  We have noodles.  Oh, that was too easy.
3.  Eggrolls.  Because we love them.  I'm jumping to New Year's Eve.  Whatever.  It's still on the shopping list, because I don't wanna go back twice.   That means:  wrappers, some kind of meat, cabbage, carrot, ginger, soy, sprouts . . . whatever else is on sale.
4.  Middle wants mini pancakes.  With strawberries.  
5.  I want Udon Miso soup.  That means: udon, miso, a bunch of fresh veggies.
6.  I'll never get the knots out of Mimi's hair without new hair squirtee.  What is that called anyway?  Un-tangle-ator.
7.  I need to mail our Christmas cards.   They are done and on the counter, but have to be dropped in the box today.
8.  Dad needs a bathrobe.  The staff transported him without his slippers and robe.  He won't walk past the nurses station with his back end exposed, he says "hell no."  I promised him a robe.  And he's been hunting for his slippers for two days.  He's insistent that I go get the ones from the cabinet in his room.  No deal, but I'll bring some new ones.   On the sick-dad-update, yesterday was better.  It started with a report from a general surgeon.  He has a chronic bowel obstruction secondary to extensive scar tissue and adhesions that resulted from an appendectomy over 40 years ago.  The obstruction is not complete . . . some stuff is getting through (thus the ambulation), but still problematic.  The plan is to watch and wait.  He had a PICC line placed yesterday and TPN started so that if surgery is an option in a couple of days, his nutritional status will support the best recovery possible.   He's lucid.  He consented to surgery yesterday, saying, "I can't starve to death, that's not the way to go.  When can I have a ham sandwich?"
9.  Picture frames.  Need them.  I blew up pictures of my gymnast daughter to poster size and need to frame them before someone spills milk on my enlargements.   I positively despise half-complete projects.
10.   Oh, Middle wants pumpkin pie.  MOTH wants bran muffins.  Little wants a chocolate chip cookie, a BIG one, for his birthday.  No frosting.  Vanilla frozen yogurt on top please.  The dessert factor with a Christmas birthday is problematic, but I shall persevere.
11.  Christmas.  I think I'm ready.  If I'm not, nobody is gonna die or be disappointed to tears.  Anything past what's already under the tree or stowed for Santa is pure gluttony and should be returned anyway.   From Santa, Big's getting a spooner board and a digital camera.  Middle is getting a spooner board and a ripstix.  Little is getting a spooner board and legos.  Mimi is getting a spooner board, whirl-n-wear & connectagons.  MOTH and I always deliver something fab.  This year, Big is getting a jewelry armoire with sparkles inside & a new mattress topper.  Middle is getting space chips, a kindle with accessories and a contraption lab.  She's gonna totally dig it.  Little is getting an authentic Harry Potter wand in a hand-carved Olivander's box, snap circuits & a wooden trebuchet and catapult.  He'll go ape.  Mimi is getting a barrel of pop beads and a hex bug habitat.  Seems short and simple when it's in paragraph form.  Everyone has something under the tree from the person that drew their name.  That worked like a charm this year . . . . I really loved seeing them make thoughtful decisions.  Mimi's purchase for me actually brought me to tears.  She emptied a whole pocket full of coins on the counter at Brighton, where the cashier passed Big a knowing look and Big slipped cash around the side of the register to help make her purchase.  It was adorable, thoughtful.  It was what Christmas really IS.   Everyone also has something in their "boring box".  It's the box that is for necessities that get wrapped, but are not really "presents", like Little' new shoes, which he desperately needs since his big toe is poking out the end of his current runners and their is a huge hole in the left sole of one.   And PJ's.  Everyone also has their Christmas Eve PJ's, new and thoughtful and perfectly suited for each person.  Well, except me.  I'm still looking.
12.  I'm still looking for a goat for Middle's stocking.   We had a long conversation about animals this summer.  Middle said she would ask Santa for a goat.  Big, a llama.  Mimi, a monkey.  Little, a snake.  I told them all that Santa doesn't deliver live animals because they poop in his sleigh.  So every kid is getting their wish animal, in the form of a stuffie, in their stocking (even though I DESPISE stuffed animals).  It's this years' "proof in the pudding" gift . . . ie: "Mom hates stuffed animals . . . she can't be Santa because she would NEVER buy another stuffed animal."

Okay . . . I'm organized.  I have a list.  I'm taking Mimi to school & then going to the grocery store.  TTFN.

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