Monday, December 05, 2011

Family Math

April 2008:

November 2009:

December 2011:

On pictures:  I don't get in too much of a twist about pictures.  The worst pictures are the ones where someone insists on everyone matching or wearing some frilly, uncomfortable get-up.   I let Mimi take her picture with her paci, because that's very authentically HER at that time of her life.  I let her babies be in the picture last weekend.  Why?  Because the go everywhere with us anyway.  It's authentically how we roll.  She really wears that Care Bear hat.  Middle really wears those brown boots.  Sometimes her jeans are only half-tucked.  The pig hat is Big's favorite right now.  That's my favorite hot pink Patagonia.  In the shot from 2009, Mimi's "beezer" is across Middle's lap.  She still carries that around.   It's important to her. The door to our house is gaping open.  (I hear my mom, "hey, born in a barn, shut the door!)  But, it's how we are.  I think the real goal of family pictures is to capture a family as they are.  As they really are.   This is us.

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Winter said...

Very cool. you will appreciate the authentic versions of yourselves far more than any contrived reality when your days get longer and there's more to remember in the world than there is left to do :)