Monday, December 05, 2011

The Crew . . . .

One of this weekend's accomplishments:  family snapshots.   

I'm not too serious about this.  Not serious enough to spend money on a real photographer.  MOTH is a royal pain in the ass when it comes to family pictures.  Of the 200 ++ that we took, he managed to not screw up about a dozen.  Here's the result show:

I'm not crazy about this shot, but it is the best of the worst, so it's the Christmas card winner.  The scale is off and MOTH's head looks a fraction the size of my breast, but . . . everyone IS looking the right direction.  Nobody's blinking or looking drunk.  Middle's legs are closed.  It's the winner. 

Another decent one . . . I didn't correct anything on this one.  We all look Asian. 

First runner up.  This is authentically us.  MOTH looks angry.  This is the smile Middle wears when she salutes a panel of judges at gymnastics meets.  Mimi's in the middle and flexing.  So. Very. Mimi.   Little has a cheesy grin on his face almost always.   Big looks JUST like that.  All the time.  She always pulls her hair around one shoulder.  And most days, she's within reach of me.  The dogs.  Well, they are dogs. Salt and pepper.  What I like best is the stockings.  These are my new holiday splurge this year.  New stockings.  That coordinate but aren't the same . . . like us.

 MOTH about crapped when I wanted to go outside.  Some of our best family photos are in hats.  Worth trying, says me. 

Well, there's history with this picture.  I'll find the others.  I have a giant framed shot of this in our front room.  Every so often, I update it with the same theme.  Because I love it, that's why.  I'll find the others and you'll see how we have evolved.

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Winter said...

BIG dog! adorable kids, and YOU are wonderfully photogenic! Who cares if he doesn't great pics :)