Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012: A Preliminary List of Goals

I.  Money:  Isn't money on everyone's list?
  A.  Make ends meet.
  B.  Put $$ in each kids' savings account.
  C.  Pay off the Lodge.
  D.  Maintain only logical debt (car & house).  Keep zero balances on the credit card.
  E.  Do a better job submitting and maintaining flex money.  What a thorn in my side.  Sheesh.
  F.  Save, save, save.  Is anyone else out there preparing for a rainy day?  I find great comfort in a slush fund.

II.  Read.   I already read.  A lot.  Still, I want to keep a book list of just books I've read in 2012.

III.  Family:  Be supportive of MOTH.  Be supportive of Big.  Be supportive of Middle.  Be supportive of Little.  Be supportive of Mimi.  Be supportive of me.

IV.  I'd like new carpet on the stairs and upstairs.  There's a big rip on the stairs that I've been sewing back together with yarn.  It's time to replace it before somebody busts their butt coming down the stairs.  Once that's in the works, I'd like a different flooring in the bathroom.  Who puts CARPET in the bathroom?  It's right up next to the tub and I've always disliked it.  So, on the home improvement front, I'd like (1) new carpet and flooring in the master bath and then (2) a working closet system in the master closet.  It's also on my list to revamp part of the office.  Though I love the built in, it needs better storage and to be at a workable height.

V.  Work.  I'm gonna try not to bitch.  I do an absolute bang-up job doing my job.  I'm self motivated and super efficient.  I get the job done.  I do it right.  I do it right on the first time.  I'm the best employee ever.  Except that I'm the boss.  Well, one of them.  This year, I'm going to try to uproot the bitter work seed.  I'll either find work that fulfills me or I'll stop complaining about work that doesn't.  That's a hefty goal, folks.  That might be enough.   I mean, really, there's only 52 weeks to do this and that little root is a sizable tree at this point.

VI.  Going away.  I'll go away this year.  As our family changes and grows, I find comfort -- lots of comfort -- in travel.  I need to leave this city.  I can breathe and let my hair down right outside the city limits, so I plan to go there more frequently.  As often as I can.  I'm spending some time in Breck.  And I'm planning a trip to Montana this year.  Because, that's why.  I'm looking for a great family vacation, but am struggling with the timing.  I've gotta get me away from work, MOTH away from work and I feel best about leaving if Middle is free from gym time and Big has no commitments to miss.  I hate to pay for sports and then be missing.  I hear money tearing & the sound of toilets flushing.

VII.  God.  I'm working on my relationship with the Big Guy.  Enough said.  But, ooh, ooh . . . I didn't blog (but I did have a hearty personal celebration)  that MOTH actually attended a Christmas program with me & the kids.  In a church.  Cautiously excited.

VIII.  Little things.   Little things don't always belong in a spot like this, but I'm thinking.  I'm going to finally put pictures in the frame in the office.  It came with a nice looking family and I put the frame up so it wouldn't get broken.  The nice looking family has been in there for, um, at least a year.  Scanning, organizing, donating, giving . . . . I'm gonna find a better way to do that.  I think I'll go back to blogging my organizational triumphs and tragedies, maybe a room at a time . . . . one per month.  It helps to be accountable.  I'll start with Christmas storage in January.

And, because I've been saving a whole bunch of photos on my desktop, a photo for your viewing pleasure:

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Winter said...

A. love the photo :) Your goals sound great! I especially love the whole "relationship with the Big Guy" one, but I'm biased :) I understand how you feel about travel. I love to just GO! But I don't like to waste money either. I'm not nearly as accomplished as you at spending and saving wisely..honestly..on our budget, there's no saving and spending is kind of a joke. But it's all good.

You have a terrific group of goals here...I'm sure you know you can do it. And I agree about the accountability thing. It's always a good idea.