Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14th

Thankful . . . .

I'm thankful for lots of things today-slash-tonight.  Even with my fingers poised above the keyboard, I can't really decided which one to clink-on about tonight.  I'll jot some stickies for later posts, spin the dial . . . . and . . . land . . . on . . . . the beautiful world of internet shopping.

Hallelujah.  I've been Christmas shopping.  And it's not that I don't LIKE to go out and GO to stores, mill about, ponder the person I'm shopping for and pick out a lovely trinket that speaks to their heart, from my soul.  I do love, LOVE, LOVE to give a good gift.  I also love, love, love to RECEIVE a good gift.    I do, however, in times like these, when my time is a hot commodity and is oh, so valuable, really appreciate being about to check out Costco-dot-com, see that the digital camera I'm eye-balling for Big's big Santa gift is out of stock, think to myself, "oh, thank goodness, I just saved myself time and money", open a new tab, hop over to Best Buy, see that they do have it in stock, but for more money, print the Costco price, call the nearest Best Buy store, put a purple one on hold for price match, where I'll pick it up by Thursday at 11.  Ahh, getting things done.  I like the rich, satisfying feeling of being able to check off all of the Santa wish list in less than an hour of internet shopping.  Whirl-n-Wear.  Check.  Legos.  Check.  Kindle.  Check.    

So, today, I'm celebrating an amazing little thing called the internet.  Gawd, I love it.

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