Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A letter from Middle

Dear Santa,

Every year I ask you a whole bunch of questions and this year I was planning to do the same except then I thought that you might not like questions.  So this year my first question is . . . do you like questions?  Second of all, my sister and I would like to know if you have an email address.  It would make sending you our letters one hundred times easier.  Okay now it's time to get to the point.  I really don't have much to ask for this year.  That Dairy Queen blizzard maker looks awesome, but my mom thinks it doesnt' work.  You decide and I will see what you think on Christmas morning :)  The other ting that really popped out was a Lego Volkswagen old time slug bug bus that I saw online.  The only other thing I can think of is a mini-ripstik.  Last summer I was at my friend's house and we went outside.  Her youngest brother had a mini one and it worked much better for me.  I guess my point is pretty much that i would rather have a mini rip-stick than a regular sized one.  I don't know why but your reindeer always puzzle me.  I can't seem to figure out their mystery.  You on the hand have to know them all.  Do you nickname them?  Do any of them have six points on their antlers?  Maybe this year I will figure a few things out.


P.S. Chocolate chip is still your favorite, right?

Middle's letter is BEAUTIFULLY decorated with a border of holly & swirls, Christmas trees and a whole line of flying reindeer across the top of the page.

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