Saturday, August 06, 2011

What a genius . . . and a morbid post on death.

I totally stole this from Heather.  It's mildly true that I'm somewhat fixated on death right now, with just having returned from a funeral and all.   While I'm talking death, I feel compelled to blog about this feeling I had . . .

Okay.  Rewind.  I'm rambling, but it just might be like that today.

1.  The idea stolen from Heather.   I absolutely, positively, 100% think this is friggin' fabulous.  Can't shake the thought.    I totally want this.

2.  Sometime in January this year, right after the new year, I had a strange dream.  In it, I was standing with the kids at the funeral.  Mimi pulled on my arm and I squatted down to whisper in her ear.  I awoke with that very, very real feeling that we had REALLY been there.  But I couldn't tell WHOSE funeral we were attending.  Just as I shook the feeling, I had the same dream.  Creepy.  I know.  I just chalked it up to, "there are several elders in our family. "  I let it go so as not to abnormally fixate on something.

3.  So I'm at Uncle Ben's funeral on Thursday, and I'm looking around at my family.   And I see my Dad.  He's 92.  And I see Uncle T . . . he is my dad's brother-in-law, the surviving husband of my dad's sister, who died several years ago.  He's 93.  My dad's two surviving sisters were also in attendance.  They are 84 and 74.  My dad was the oldest of 7.  There are three remaining alive, ranging in age from 74 to 92.   Ever had one of those feelings that raises hairs on the back of your neck, like to just took an ice-cold drink of the honest to God truth?  That happened as I looked at my extended family.  And the truth is:  there are funerals in the future.  Add to that aged grandparents on MOTH's side of the family . . . it's just natural, and I hope nobody takes this out of context.  I'm not buying airline tickets to attend funerals, it was just a sudden and eye-opening thought.  That's all.  

4.  Also, I have a thought.  Many, many, many years ago, I purchased something for my dad.  It was at a time when we was forthcoming with information about what he wanted.  I believe I've said before that he is a man of very few words, but about a decade ago, he was ready to talk about final arrangements.  He told me what he wanted.  And I called a local funeral director and I bought him a "pre-paid funeral plan".  Ever heard of it?  I called to refresh my memory on what my purchase included.  And I have this to say.  That was a good idea.  About 85% of the running around is done.  The paperwork is supplied, the requests are done.  I suggest this.  Not exactly a great birthday gift, but, still . . . . a peace of mind purchase that I'm really happy about.

And now I'm done rambling about funerals and death.  For now.

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Homestead said...

Oh I have to post about my Gram now. She was brilliant in her planning.... what she wanted sung & read. Lots of notes. The colors she wanted to wear. And then there is the story about her and her girlfriends going out on a date to pick their caskets and services and then to lunch at the casino.....