Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today's Flowers

These are the red ones that I adore.

I like hollyhocks.  I like how they are independent and unpredictable.  The come up where ever they want and bloom only if they want.  I'm missing all my double hollyhocks this year.  Hmm.

These are a new variety this year.

The Russian Sage . . . it's a bee magnet but it sure is a striking color at this time of year. 

All all white hollyhock.  It's all by itself on the opposite side of the yard.  Not a friend in sight.

Hostas, oh, hostas. 

Penstamon  . . . lots of it.  I'm thinking a shed would be nice here.  A narrow one that would sit right up against the house.  At least the mower would fit in it. 

I love, love, love these!! 

1 comment:

Homestead said...

My Russian sage was pathetic this year. No clue why. Possibly too much peeing off the porch?

I love hollyhocks. I love most, um, what't the word for Grandma's Garden flowers? Like peonies, roses, hollyhocks.... not antique, not traditional... something else. There is a word.