Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sir Prince

Aka "Princy"  . . .

Traveling to my home town always brings out the book of stories.  Especially with my mom in the car, the stories of my childhood just roll on with the miles.  The kids know some of the stories already, but they never tire of hearing stories about Princy.

It's a good time for a clarification, too.  This, as with MANY "tell me a story" posts from my childhood are super-duper happy.  I had a really happy childhood full of chuckles and laughs and fun.  Believe me . . . . growing up poor with a pony is not a bad way to grow up.  I'd rather have ramen for dinner,  a pony to ride during the day and a puppy to snuggle with at night than be filthy rich with a maid, butler and a stuffy five course supper on fine linen.  Fo' sure.

While we were near my home town, we visited The Great Sand Dunes National Park.  It's pretty fabulous for kids.  It's a giant sandbox.  This trip, it was hotter than hell and the river was all dried up.  Still, the kids had a great time. (Pictures coming tomorrow.)

Mostly, they wanted to hear about how we trailered the horses up to the Dunes and would ride the horses on the dunes.  It's all true.  It was a day outing, but that's what we did.  It was fun.  We trailered the horses up, drove to the Dunes & we'd spend all day exploring and running and playing.  My mom tells a fabulous story about me riding Princy at the Sand Dunes.  He was an ornery damn horse with a stubborn mind of his own.  He rolled with me on him a time or two . . . . once at the Dunes.  He really wanted to roll in the river.  How inconvenient that I was on him.

Anyhoo . . . Princy stories from last week prompted these to come out.  Here's me and the stubborn horse of my youth.  Stubborn as he was, I loved him so much!

He had one blue eye that was always on me.  This picture makes me smile because he was lookin' at me with that one blue eye.  I think I was about 6 in this picture, showing him for 4H.    The girls like my bun.

This is me riding in the driveway of our house.  Barefoot.  Bareback.  Mom thinks I was about 4.   See the cinder block?  That's how I'd get on him.    You can see the other horses in the background.  It's strange that they were in that field . . . they usually stayed in the field not pictured, to the right. 

I was 6.  I'm smiling.  What a great childhood memory!! 

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AZ Girl said... about memories! I love these were so darn cute! Gotta love 4H, the valley and our childhoods. Precious times...such good feelings.