Sunday, August 07, 2011

School Supplies . . .

Here's what I need . . . .

For Big:
* a zippered three ring binder w/ dividers
* 4 pkgs loose leaf paper
* basic calculator
* scissors
* 2 boxes #2 pencils
* 3 red ballpoint pens
* 2 boxes colored pencils
* ruler w/ metric
* glue and glue sticks
* eraser
* colored markers
* highlighters
* 2 extra fine black permanent markers
* 5 marbeled composition books
* 4, 2 pocket, 3 prong folders
* 2 boxes of tissue
* 4 dry erase markers
* 1 roll paper towels
* 1 container of disinfectant wipes
* $20.00 in student fees

For Middle:

Funds ‐ $14.00 per student
2 glue sticks
24 #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)
1 eraser
1 pencil case, zippered (not a pencil box, the student desks are too small)
2 red ballpoint pens
1 box colored pencils, small box
1 set water‐based markers
1 pair scissors, pointed, five‐inch
5 notebooks, wide‐rule, spiral
200 sheets loose‐leaf paper, wide‐ruled, white
6 pocket folders
1 wooden ruler with centimeters and inches
1 protractor
2 package of EXPO brand dry erase markers
1 package of 4 Vis‐à‐vis water based markers
2 boxes facial tissue, large

And for Little: 

Funds ‐ $14.00 per student
*48 #2 pencils (Ticonderoga brand, if possible. Others do not sharpen as well.) (18 for each semester) No mechanical pencils!
*8 glue sticks
1 eraser, soft, pink, large and 1 large package of pencil top erasers
*1 4‐pack of fine point, dry erase markers
*1 4‐pack of wide point, dry erase markers
1 box colored pencils, pre‐sharpened
2 box crayons, large box
2 sets water‐based markers
1 set watercolors, (Prang is recommended)
2 red grading pencils/pens
1 ruler (standard and metric)
1 pair scissors, pointed
4 composition notebooks, no spiral notebooks
5 pocket folders – 4 solid bright colors and 1 fun folder of choice
Zip closure storage bags, Boys‐quart sized, Girls‐gallon sized
2 boxes of facial tissue, large

We've managed to pull most of it out of the "we can re-use this bucket"  . . .  but we still have a few things to pick up.  Bags and wipes and red pens.  Planning to get that done this week.  I feel super accomplished with bags of school supplies sitting by the door, organized and labeled and task-complete, so we can PLAY right up until the first bell rings. 

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Disney Redhead said...

Dumb question...what are all of the dry erase markers for? Do kids have their own little dry erase boards? Or are they supplies for the teacher and the main board?

I don't remember such long lists when I was a kid. And definitely not as specific as that last one...haha.